The use of Serum separating gel

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Before the development of serum separating gel, more specific gravity particles were used in blood vessel harvesting, just like tiny transparent marbles. However, with the innovation of medical technology, the disadvantages of such specific gravity particles were also revealed. Serum and blood clots were easily muddy in, so serum separating gel came into being.

Serum separating gel itself is made of hydrophobic organic macromolecule compound, silica powder, thixotropic agent and so on. Serum separating gel with good quality can separate blood cells and serum. Normally, the proportion of human blood serum is 1.02, while the proportion of blood clots is 1.08. Since the proportion between them can separate the two, but there are special circumstances, the proportion of serum separating gel is now strictly controlled between 1.045 and 1.065. After 13 years of research and development, Wuhan Decheng's serum separating gel has been developed. The proportion of this fast range of control is even smaller and firmly maintained at an optimum point.


Serum separating gel is a transparent fluid with viscosity and strong thixotropy. It contains a lot of hydrogen bonds in its structure. After centrifugation in blood collection, serum separating gel will reduce its viscosity. It will flow along the tube wall. But after a short time, the fluid will resume the nature of hydrogen bond itself and gather to form a network structure. Turn into a high viscosity gelatin.


After the blood collection is completed, the normal operation is reversed evenly for 5-8 times, then centrifuged, and then tested. Serum separating gel skillfully uses the principle of specific gravity and hydrogen bond recovery, and plays an important role in blood vessel harvesting.