There are so many manufacturers of biological buffers, why choose Desheng?

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Desheng Technology was established in 2005 and is now located in Ezhou City, the famous "city of hundreds of lakes" and "land of fish and rice". The company has a group of high-quality production personnel, a strong technical team with strong development capabilities, who can deal with and solve various problems. This complex technical problem has always been known for its good business reputation.



Among the biological buffers, Tris, Caps, Hepes, Taps, Mops, etc., as the company's main products, have their different status. Let's start with the import of raw materials:

1. Raw material channels

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many production raw materials have experienced substantial price increases. For many manufacturers, the cost of raw materials accounts for a relatively high proportion, but Desheng will not buy low-priced and low-priced raw materials because of the increase in raw material prices. For high-quality raw materials, Desheng always firmly believes that only by making good products with care can it be recognized by customers. Desheng will review all raw material suppliers and conduct corresponding inspections on raw materials to ensure their quality.


2. Product quality (take a single product Tris as an example, because Tris can be used to prepare related products)

Desheng’s Tris is a white crystalline powder; it has good solubility in water systems, but minimal solubility in organic solvents; it has excellent stability in dry or solution state, and can resist enzymatic or non-enzymatic degradation ; Very small absorption value for visible light and ultraviolet light. At the same time, we can provide samples for customers to use.


3. Price

Although for purchasers, purchasing relatively inexpensive biological buffers can reduce their own operating costs and thus obtain more economic benefits, but the price and value are often corresponding. The price of biological buffers produced by Desheng has always remained at a medium level in its class. Why is it medium rather than low? This is because our raw material channels have always been inspected and quality guaranteed. We only talk about prices on the premise of ensuring product quality.


4. Whether it is available from stock

Manufacturers generally have spot supplies, or can guarantee a stable supply of products. Rather than having a state of nothing tomorrow. Therefore, there will be no supply gaps in the supply of Desheng.


5. Desheng provides good after-sales service

Regardless of the purchase of any product, after-sales service must be taken into consideration, so you don’t have to worry about product quality problems. All Desun products can be returned and exchanged if they encounter quality problems. This is something non-manufacturers cannot promise. Don't worry about the delivery date and the like. Desheng is also very beneficial in long-term service and maintenance.