The questions you must know about purchasing Carbomer 940 are here!

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Speaking of Carbomer 940 dealers, I believe that most people think of Lubrizol and Tianci first, followed by Desheng Technology. Due to Lubrizol’s previous shortage of goods, many customers have lost their supply chains. , And Desheng, as another supplier of Carbomer with production strength, its Carbomer 940 is widely praised by the market.


Desun Carbomer 940 Packaging Specifications

When purchasing Carbomer 940, many customers often ask about the packaging specifications of Carbomer 940. In fact, this depends entirely on the needs of the customer. Some customers order a large amount of customers, so most of them are carton packaging. The specification is 20kg per box. If the order quantity is relatively small, the bag is mostly used. If the customer has their own special requirements, they can also be packaged as needed. These are not major problems.



What is the price of Desheng Carbomer 940

When you are looking for a supplier of Carbomer 940, you must have repeatedly compared the prices. In the end, you will find that Desheng is the manufacturer that really takes action. Desheng clearly tells you that factory direct sales and sufficient stock can enjoy 130 The price of yuan/KG, many customers can’t believe it when they see these words. Desheng hereby declares that this event is true and effective and will not come when opportunities are not lost. Since Desheng started its annual promotional activities, it has gained a lot Strong customer support.

How is the delivery speed of Desun Carbomer 940?


Desheng has a professional production base and adopts imported production equipment. The daily output can reach 3-5 tons, which can meet the needs of customers in large quantities. The current inventory is sufficient, regardless of whether the customer wants kilogram or ton goods. Desheng has the ability to deliver goods quickly. Desheng promises that the goods must be shipped on the same day when the order is completed on the same day. At present, there are as many as 100+ customers. They are sold at home and abroad. They have very rich export experience. Customers do not have to worry about delivery. The cycle issue.


As a professional manufacturer of Carbomer 940, Desun attaches great importance to product quality and customer needs. It can provide samples for free, maintain the high quality and high quality requirements as always, and has high transparency and viscosity, which can meet the needs of most buyers. .In addition, there are discounts for large quantities and prices. Desheng currently supplies Carbomer 940 and 980 models. The product quality is excellent and the price is affordable (a discount of 130 yuan/kg for ton and above), which is recognized by domestic and foreign application manufacturers. Desheng products,