Tris factory production unit

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Tris is a kind of biological buffering agent and chemical synthetic raw material with great market demand, and it is showing an obvious upward trend. Especially in the current situation where the epidemic is spreading all over the world, the investment in the field of biochemical medicine accounts for a huge proportion, and there are many places where Tris is used in related research.


Tris is also called tris methylol methylamine, tromethamine, tromethamine, etc. in different fields. It itself is a weak base without metal ions. Its aqueous solution is alkaline and has low ionic strength. Various acids form a buffer system, and salts can also be added to make electrophoresis solutions with different components, which can be used in cell culture, virus detection, and protein, DNA, and RNA research.


Tris plant production

The production units of tris is mainly based on factories. Although some laboratories also synthesize some, the output is very limited and can only be self-sufficient and cannot meet market demand. And the Tris buffer system is usually used instead of the previous phosphate buffer system, because in many biological experiments, the Tris buffer has better performance. The sensitivity and accuracy requirements of biochemical detection are also getting higher and higher, and the buffers used in experiments will naturally be replaced with better ones.


For biochemical reagents like Tris, due to the variety and chaos, many supply channels on the market are in the form of trade, and it is not easy to find a suitable production plant. If the demand is not large, you can directly find a trader or professional reagent platform. If the demand is relatively large or a large number of exports, it is better to find a manufacturer. In addition to the price and cost advantage, it is also more advantageous in terms of long-term service and maintenance.


Tris manufacturers are different from traders in that they produce far fewer products than traders. Xindesheng is a manufacturer in Hubei, and its buffer products are mainly Tris, Bicine, TAPS, etc., so that the product concentration is convenient for cost control and management, and the output and quality are guaranteed.


However, although 2-Amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol Tris is a "universal buffer" for biological experiments due to its excellent buffering performance in all aspects, it should be noted that its aqueous solution is easy to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and must be sealed when used.