Which companies can the products of enzyme preparation manufacturers provide?

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Enzyme preparation is a widely used product. Many industries need enzyme preparations to assist in the production process or application process, so they will find enzyme preparation manufacturers to purchase. The regular enzyme preparation manufacturers have never let down their customers' hopes, and always provide high-quality products to customers. So which companies or industries can the products produced by enzyme preparation manufacturers be used?



1. Clinical diagnosis industry

The enzyme preparations used in medicine have the characteristics of many types, small dosages, and high efficiency. Desheng's enzyme preparation products are mainly used in biochemical detection and biochemical experiments. For example, glucose oxidase is mainly used to detect blood glucose concentration, and cholesterol oxidase is widely used. Applied to the clinical diagnosis of plasma total cholesterol content, glutamate dehydrogenase has gradually become a potential target for cancer treatment. For this reason, various products produced by enzyme preparation manufacturers can provide services for the clinical diagnosis industry. This kind of enzyme preparations are more reagent enzymes and require higher levels.


2. Food processing companies

As we all know, enzyme is a very useful catalyst. When the enzyme reacts with food, the original taste and flavor of the food will change and become a new processed food. Therefore, many food processing companies can also obtain the high-quality products they need through enzyme manufacturers, so that they can be used in the process of baking food, or processing fruits and vegetables and dairy products. Food enzyme preparations, although not like reagent enzymes That way, but the requirements are also different.


3. Textile companies

Food, clothing, housing and transportation are all people's needs, and enzyme preparations can also be used in textile enterprises. When processing textile products, enzyme preparations can give full play to their effects. They can also be used in the processing of printing and dyeing water and garment processing. Therefore, the enzyme preparation products produced by the enzyme preparation manufacturers are also the necessities of textile enterprises, and more are industrial enzyme preparations, and the level requirements are not too high.


Through the above introduction, everyone can understand that the application range of enzyme preparations is very wide. Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the production of enzyme preparations. It can produce dozens of enzyme preparation products. The enzyme preparation products provided are mainly used as the test materials of the kit. The appearance of the product is freeze-dried powder, which is convenient for transportation and storage. Compared with industrial enzyme preparations, it has better purity and activity. We can provide samples for customers in need.