Why is the Virus Transport Media pink?

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Recently, we received inquiries from some customers or traders, asking us how the Virus Transport Media is pink. Indeed, there are many types of Virus Transport Medias on the market that are colorless, transparent, pink, red, and light orange. For sales, the appearance of the product is also more important.


Virus Transport Media is also called nucleic acid preservation solution, nucleic acid release agent or sample preservation solution. It is usually divided into inactivated type and non-inactivated type. Since the components of the inactivated type preservation solution are colorless, the preservation solution is naturally colorless. of. The pink storage solution is a non-inactivated virus storage solution, except for the other colored storage solutions.



Why the Virus Transport Media has different colors

The active ingredients in the activated Virus Transport Media are actually colorless. The color is because of the addition of the pH indicator phenol red. Phenol red is yellow when it is acidic, red when it is neutral, and purple-red when it is alkaline. Other types of indicators are similar. By observing the color changes, we can quickly determine whether the pH value of the Virus Transport Media has changed or whether bacteria have grown or deteriorated.


The activated storage solution is different from the inactivated type. It does not need to inactivate the virus but to prolong the survival time of the virus in vitro and maintain the integrity of the virus, thereby improving the accuracy of nucleic acid detection or other than retaining the virus. Nucleic acid research. The virus cannot survive outside the body and must be parasitic in living cells.


The activated Virus Transport Media contains Hank’s liquid foundation, which is a cell preservation solution that can prolong the survival time of virus-parasitic cells, thereby indirectly increasing the virus survival rate. In addition, the preservation solution also contains a variety of nutrients such as amino acids, glucose or sucrose, and protein. These factors make the non-inactivated type more likely to breed bacteria or deteriorate than the inactivated type, so adding a color indicator allows us to quickly judge whether the preservation solution has deteriorated.


In terms of the color of the Virus Transport Media, Desheng made adjustments according to the needs of different customers. In addition to the inactivated preservation solution which is transparent, activated preservation solution has both red and colorless ones without adding indicator. This is more convenient for foreign trade exports.