Carbomer is used to make gel serum for targeted delivery of active substances

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Carbomer 940 is an excellent thickening agent and gelling agent. In addition to being used in cosmetics, toiletries and other daily chemical industries, high-purity carbomer raw materials are also commonly used in pharmaceutical excipients. For example, the gel serum made with carbomer can target the delivery of active substances.


Carbomer gel serum is used as a drug adjuvant carrier, which can directly target effective drugs to the required tissues, and the gel serum is easy to absorb, which can greatly improve the effectiveness of the drug. Targeted medication is more targeted. In targeted therapy with drugs, the damage to normal tissues or cells is relatively small, the toxic and side effects are much smaller, and the therapeutic effect is better and the curative effect is definite.



Preparation of Gel Serum with Carbomer 940 Medicinal Excipients

Carbomer gel serum production:

1. Calculated according to the total mass of 100g. Dissolve 0.9g of sodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, 2.0g of gluconolactone and sodium benzoate (GSB) (preservative) in 48g of deionized water, mix well and mark it as solution A.

2. Take 0.9g of Carbomer 940 and dissolve it evenly with 48.2g of deionized water, so that the Carbomer completely absorbs water and swells without agglomeration or agglomeration, which is marked as component B.

3. Mix A and B fully to react, stir well, and the gel part is ready. It is sufficient to add specific serum when using. If you want to make a different gel serum, you can add other necessary ingredients to solution A, simply replace a part of the water. If 4% of a certain ingredient is added, then 4% of the water is cut off when preparing solution A, which means only 44g.

There may be a lot of foam when making Carbomer Gel Serum, so it needs to stand for several hours or even a day before packaging and storing. Carbomer is acidic after swelling by absorbing water, only neutral after neutralization, tetrasodium EDTA is alkaline, and it can be adjusted to neutral after mixing with carbomer.


Carbomer 940 can be used in gel eye drops, gynecological gel, hand sanitizing gel, etc. in addition to the preparation of blood coagulation serum. In terms of excipients to be used, the quality of carbomer is high. It is recommended to use high-quality carbomer medicinal-grade raw materials produced by manufacturers such as Lubrizol and Desheng.