EDTA dipotassium tube blood sampling for detection of pyruvate kinase-related tumor markers

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Tumor markers are recently a popular research object in the biomedical industry. Among them, tumor-type M2 pyruvate kinase (TuM2-PK) is of great significance for the auxiliary diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Plasma TuM2-PK levels are elevated in many tumor patients, and are related to tumor growth, invasion, and lymphatic metastasis.


Blood sample collection: All the test subjects used EDTA dipotassium (Desheng anticoagulant) anticoagulant tube to collect 2mL of fasting venous blood. After inverting and mixing, the anticoagulated blood was separated with a centrifuge and stored at minus 80 degrees for later use


Related research on pyruvate kinase as a tumor marker

Pyruvate kinase PK is a key enzyme in the glycolysis pathway with a molecular weight of 240,000. It mainly exists in the form of a tetramer consisting of two subunits, with 2 structures and 4 isoenzymes. It mainly exists in the form of phosphorylated pyruvate dimers with low affinity in tumor cells. This dimer TuM2-PK has very low affinity with phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP), which will cause a large amount of accumulation and increase DNA synthesis. This pyruvate kinase is commonly expressed in proliferating cells, but it is overexpressed in malignant tumors.


In the process of tumor necrosis or metastasis, the M2 type PK of this dimer will be released into the peripheral body fluid. Therefore, the pyruvate kinase can be detected by collecting peripheral blood with EDTA dipotassium tube. Studies have shown that colorectal cancer is related to the degree of differentiation of cancer cells, whether the tumor has lymphatic metastasis, and TNM staging of clinical cases, and has nothing to do with the patient's gender and age.

When researching and detecting TuM2-PK, the two monoclonal antibodies coated in the reagent are directed to different sites of TuM2-PK, avoiding cross-reaction with other PK isoenzymes and ensuring the accuracy of the results. Its sensitivity and specificity are higher than some other tumor markers, such as CEA and CA199.


Dipotassium EDTA is a raw material produced and supplied by Desheng for more than ten years. It has high purity and is mainly used as an anticoagulant in blood collection tubes. Pyruvate kinase PK is also a more commonly used enzyme preparation, mainly used for PK-related research experiments.