Carbomer 940 transparency issues

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Carbomer was first invented by Gullide. At first, there were not many companies that could produce this product. There are only a handful of good manufacturers in the world. With the increase of carbomer manufacturers, price competition is becoming more and more. It’s great. As for Desheng, who is not good at fighting prices, maintaining high-level product quality is what they value. A very important indicator of high-level products is transparency. So why is transparency so important and what factors are affected by it? It's an influence, let's listen to Desheng's editor.


Desun Carbomer 940 (picture on the right) is much more transparent than other manufacturers (picture on the left)


The reason why the transparency of Carbomer 940 has attracted much attention from customers

Carbomer 940 is widely used in hand-washing disinfection gel and various skin care products. The high transparency will undoubtedly add more highlights to the product. When we buy these products, the ease of use is one aspect, and the appearance is also very important. The transparency and delicacy of skin care products that girls often buy will give consumers different visual feelings and inspire different associations among consumers. This feeling will make consumers like a product. Most of the hand-washing disinfection gels on the market are also products with higher transparency, the more popular it is. The Carbomer 940 developed by Desun has high transparency and viscosity. Customized according to customer needs, can meet the needs of most buyers.


The transparency of  Carbomer 940 is affected by the amount of ethanol added

In some gel products, such as disinfection and disposable gels, ethanol is often added as an additive in order to increase permeability, corrosion protection, and solubilization, and the content may be as high as 75%. Carbomer gel is essentially a polymer solution. The reason why the polymer solution is stable is that there is a hydration film on the surface of the particle. The addition of a strong hydrophilic non-electrolyte (such as ethanol) will cause the polymer solution to flocculate. Carbomer ethanol gel is prepared by different operating processes, and the ethanol concentration of the finished product is different. When the ethanol concentration is too high, the finished gel will produce a little opalescence, which reduces the transparency of the gel.

Solution: If 2% purified water is slowly added to the finished gel product with 70% ethanol content and stirred, the opalescence is significantly reduced compared with the finished product before adding. This method has a certain effect on improving the appearance transparency of the finished product.


Desheng is one of the very good manufacturers of Carbomer. At present, there are many customers in cooperation. With the continuous improvement of product quality, it has opened a very good situation in the domestic and foreign markets. The current customers are all in high demand. And the stable repurchase, mostly used in daily chemical products and gynecological gels, is very cost-effective, and has a very good reputation among customers. I believe that Desheng can make Carbomer better and better in the future.