Although carbomer is widely used, it needs a smart eye to know true and false

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With its good thickening performance, high transparency, strong suspending ability, short rheology and many other characteristics, Carbomer can run on the battlefield in the gel field, and its status is high. A bottle of disposable disinfection gel often contains In addition to ethanol, carbomer, triethanolamine, glycerin, carbomer and other ingredients, it is also found in many beauty and skin care products. A website mentioned that carbomer also has anti-inflammatory, anti-ultraviolet, and some say It has anti-allergic effects, and businesses have different opinions. Whether Carbomer really has these uses and effects, let's listen to the editor of Desheng.



Statement 1: Protect the skin. A website mentioned that carbomer has a certain affinity for skin. Adding carbomer to cosmetics can protect the skin, reduce irritation, and prevent various allergic symptoms.

Explanation: First of all, we must understand that the role of carbomer in skin care products is to thicken skin care products, increase emulsification properties, and make the product have a better sensory experience. The biggest effect on the skin can be said to be hydrating and locking. In fact, there is no anti-allergic effect.


Statement 2: Carbomer is a natural medicinal ingredient, which can play a role in anti-inflammatory and sterilization.

Explanation: Carbomer is a copolymer of polyalkyl sucrose or polyalkyl pentaerythritol and acrylic acid cross-linked polymer. It is artificially synthesized and not a natural ingredient. It is used in medicine based on its own good gel matrix. , Many drugs will be better absorbed in the gel state. Carbomer is not a drug in nature. It does not have anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects. In terms of anti-inflammatory, it is only due to its absorption of inflammatory exudates.



Statement 3: Carbomer can increase the skin's resistance to ultraviolet rays after being applied to the surface of the skin and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Explanation: Most of our anti-ultraviolet products rely on ultraviolet absorbers, which mainly include benzoic acid, benzophenone, benzotriazole, and some hindered amines. Carbomer itself does not have the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays. If it must be said that it has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays, at most, it can increase the moisture of the skin to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays, and this effect can also be said to be minimal. .


We were born in an era of advanced network information. When we don’t have the professional knowledge to distinguish between true and false information, we can ask professional technicians to answer. For example, Carbomer manufacturers like Desheng have professional Technical R&D personnel help us have a clearer understanding of the product, so as not to think that we are right, but in fact, the wrong information is constantly spreading on the Internet. Although Carbomer does not have the above functions, it is still in our lives. Indispensable, its various properties are irreplaceable. We need a pair of "intelligent eyes" that can distinguish true from false.