Components of blood coagulant

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Desheng Technology is a new technology enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of blood collection tube additives. It has 15 years of experience in the production of blood collection tube additives. The main components of Desheng's blood coagulant are composed of thrombin, alcohol, silica powder, emulsifier, surfactant, etc., which are suspended liquids.

Serum is one of the main specimens tested in clinical biochemical and immunological tests. At present, the methods of obtaining serum samples in medical institutions are mainly obtained by centrifugation after collecting venous blood after the blood is completely coagulated. Under normal circumstances, it takes more than 60 minutes for an isolated blood sample to completely coagulate, or even not coagulate, which is difficult to meet the needs of rapid laboratory testing.

Under normal circumstances, it takes a long time for the collected blood sample to coagulate naturally at room temperature (2-35℃). Generally, it takes more than 60 minutes for glass tubes and more than 90 minutes for plastic tubes. Since the clinical needs laboratory to provide rapid and accurate laboratory biochemical, immunological and other testing indicators, if the collected blood samples are not processed, it is difficult to meet the clinical needs in time, especially for emergency patients, it is necessary to obtain fast and accurate test results. . The traditional method of promoting blood coagulation is mainly to add kaolin and cephalin to blood samples after collection that can promote blood coagulation. However, with the advancement of clinical laboratory testing methods, some automated and intelligent biochemical and immunological Testing instruments are constantly updated and used for clinical testing and analysis. While the sensitivity and accuracy of these automatic analysis instruments continue to improve, the requirements for specimens are also increasing.

Procoagulant principle of blood coagulant:

Activate part of the coagulation factors in plasma and platelets, promote the formation of thromboplastin and fibrin clots, accelerate the contraction of blood clots, and achieve the purpose of rapid serum separation.

Usage and dosage of coagulant:

  1. The accelerator can be sprayed by machine or added manually. In the process of adding, it must be stirred continuously to keep the suspension uniform and fully ensure the consistent addition of various active ingredients.

2. Mechanical stirring, electromagnetic stirring, pneumatic stirring, etc. can be used to keep the suspension uniform, and the stirring speed can be adjusted according to actual conditions.

3. After the addition is complete, the coagulant needs to be dried (not needed for non-organic solvent coagulant). The hot air drying temperature can be 40-80℃, and the time is 7-120S; the drying temperature in the drying oven or drying room is about 40C, and the time is subject to thorough drying.

4. Add 20-30ul blood coagulant, it can quickly coagulate 2-5ml blood at 20-25℃. When the ambient temperature is lower than 20°C, or the blood volume is more than 5ml, the amount of coagulant added should be appropriately increased. If irradiation sterilization is required, it is recommended to increase the additive dosage of coagulant by about 20%.

Blood coagulant accelerates the speed of blood coagulation and provides convenient conditions for testing. Desheng is one of the few manufacturers that produces a full set of additives for blood collection tubes. The additives produced include heparin sodium/lithium, EDTA dipotassium/tripotassium, coagulant and sodium citrate, potassium oxalate, separation gel, etc., which are purchased for customers Provided convenience.