How to distinguish between TRIS buffer manufacturers and traders

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For most purchasers, finding a true TRIS manufacturer is actually not an easy task. Many merchants use the advertising slogans of factory direct sales and factory supply, and they cannot actually confirm the authenticity of the manufacturer. So is there any other method that can help us identify the TRIS buffer manufacturer faster? Here, Desheng summarizes three points for your reference.

About after-sales service

If there is such a clause in the after-sales service: After the arrival of the goods, please confirm that the goods are in good condition and then sign for receipt, and accept the products according to the implementation standards of the product. If there is a product indicator that does not match, we will return and exchange the goods, then it is not far from the confirmed manufacturer, because there are actually very few merchants that can actually return and exchange the goods. Only manufacturers can mention such services. Desheng This has always been done, because Desheng firmly believes that only by insisting on making high-quality products that satisfy customers and providing good after-sales service can the interests of customers be maximized. As long as our products are good, the reputation will spread. , Ten pass hundreds, enduring.

Desheng Tris reagent packaging and powder

About product cost performance

When purchasing TRIS, many customers blindly compare prices without paying attention to product quality. Only true TRIS manufacturers can provide products that are cost-effective in the true sense. Traders often purchase from manufacturers and then transfer them. If you sell it to customers, the price will not have much room for profit. For manufacturers, as long as the quantity is large enough, it is easier to have room for price reduction compared with traders. Manufacturers care about it. It's not just about making money or a one-time deal, it is more important to grasp this customer firmly, speak with quality, and if the customer uses it well, it will naturally introduce more customers.

About product usage

There are many uses of Tris buffer, as is the Tris produced by Desheng. It is not only widely used as a solvent for nucleic acids and proteins, but also has many other important uses. Tris is used for protein crystal growth under different pH conditions. Its low ionic strength can be used for the formation of the intermediate fiber of C. elegans nuclear lamin (lamin). Tris is also one of the main components of protein electrophoresis buffer. Of course, the most important thing is to be used as a biological buffer. Only the professional customer service of the manufacturer can understand the use of TRIS products, because he has professional technical support to provide customers In fact, the trade middlemen may not know much.

Having said so much, the editor of Desheng has said some methods on how to confirm that the manufacturer believes that Desheng is a high-tech enterprise with high-quality service quality and independent intellectual property rights. TRIS reagents are sold at home and abroad, and the quality is well received by customers. Unanimously praised, customer after-sales service is in place, try to meet customer needs, cost-effective, customer service is also very professional, if you don't believe it, you can consult the product on the official website to ensure that you will get unexpected results