What are the applications of enzyme preparations in the pharmaceutical industry?

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Enzyme preparations include industrial enzymes and enzymes for kits, which are usually divided into several categories including food and beverage enzymes, feed enzymes, pharmaceutical enzymes, and special enzymes (such as research and development reagents, etc.). The enzymes used in medicine have the characteristics of many kinds, low dosage, and high efficiency. The following editor of Desheng will briefly introduce the enzyme preparations and their applications in the field of medicine.

Diagnosis of diseases with enzymes:

The effectiveness of disease treatment is largely determined by the accuracy of diagnosis. There are many methods of disease diagnosis, among which enzymatic diagnosis is particularly eye-catching. Enzyme diagnosis has developed into a reliable, simple and fast diagnostic method due to its remarkable catalytic characteristics such as strong specificity, high catalytic efficiency and mild action conditions.

1. Diagnose diseases based on changes in enzyme activity in the body

In general, the content of certain enzymes contained in healthy people is constant within a certain range. When people suffer from certain diseases, the activity of certain enzymes or enzymes in the body changes correspondingly due to damage to tissues and cells or abnormal metabolism. Therefore, certain diseases can be diagnosed based on changes in the activity of certain enzymes in the body.

2. Use enzymes to detect changes in certain substances in body fluids to diagnose diseases

When certain diseases occur in the human body, due to abnormal metabolism or damage to certain tissues and organs, the amount or location of certain substances in the body will change. By measuring changes in certain substances in body fluids, diseases can be diagnosed quickly and accurately.

Treatment of diseases with enzymes:

Enzymes can be used as drugs to treat many diseases, and medicinal enzymes have the characteristics of significant curative effect and small adverse reactions. Its application is becoming more and more extensive. Enzymes have the characteristics of strong specificity and high catalytic efficiency. They can be used to determine changes in the content of certain substances in body fluids to diagnose certain diseases.

Use enzymes to measure changes in the amount of substances for disease diagnosis


Measured substance


Glucose oxidase


Measure blood sugar and urine sugar, diagnose diabetes

Glucose Oxidase + Peroxidase


Measure blood sugar and urine sugar, diagnose diabetes



Measure the amount of urea in blood and urine to diagnose liver and kidney disease




Measure the amount of glutamine in cerebrospinal fluid to diagnose hepatic coma and cirrhosis

Cholesterol oxidase


Determination of cholesterol content, diagnosis of hyperlipidemia, etc.


DNA polymerase


Diagnose gene mutations and detect cancer genes through gene amplification and gene sequencing

Use enzymes to make various drugs:

The application of enzymes in drug manufacturing is to use the catalytic action of enzymes to convert precursor substances into drugs. The applications in this area are increasing day by day, and many drugs, including some valuable drugs, are produced by enzymatic methods.

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