Advantages of blood sample coagulant and separating gel

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Nowadays, blood samples are collected with vacuum blood collection tubes, and the traditional syringe blood collection method is basically no longer used, and blood collection tubes for blood samples that require serum are all added with coagulant and separating gel. What's the point? What are the advantages?

Under normal circumstances, the blood begins to coagulate in 5-12 minutes at a room temperature of 25 degrees. The coagulation process is relatively slow. It takes half an hour or even up to two hours for the blood in the blood collection tube to completely coagulate into a blood clot. The traditional method uses water bath heating to promote coagulation. The process is cumbersome, long time, heavy workload, poor standardization, large errors, and there is a relatively large risk of infection, which cannot meet the needs of automated and standardized testing. The emergence of coagulant vacuum blood collection tubes has better solved these problems.

Separation gel coagulant blood collection tube

The accelerator includes accelerator powder and accelerator (suspended solution type). It is usually a combination of silica powder and various inorganic materials, and some manufacturers use inorganic powder and thrombin. Thrombin accelerates coagulation fast, but its stability is relatively poor. It requires harsh storage conditions. Generally, it is good to be stable for half a year. Therefore, some institutions improve its stability by modifying thrombin. In addition, thrombin has an impact on some test indicators and should be used only in emergency biochemical tests.

Separation gel is a substance that separates serum (plasma) and blood cells (blood cells). Separating gel can not only be used with coagulant but also with anticoagulant such as heparin salt, EDTA salt and sodium citrate. The separation gel is used for the preparation of high-quality specimens and for specimen storage and transportation.

If separation gel is not used in the coagulant blood collection tube, although it can also accelerate blood coagulation and form a blood clot and separate the serum, but the blood clot is in contact with the serum for a long time, there will be material exchange, and the blood cells are very fragile and hemolysis is easy to interfere with the serum sample , The use of separating gel to separate the barrier can solve the problem. Generally, 0.8-1.2g of separating gel is added to each blood collection tube to form an isolation layer of at least 5mm between the different components of the blood to ensure the high quality of blood samples.

In short, the use of blood coagulant and separating gel is to obtain high-quality blood or serum samples. Desheng new coagulant has the characteristics of short coagulation time and fast coagulation effect, and the separation gel has the characteristics of anti-hydrolysis and anti-radiation.