Operation method and technical index of blood glucose meter

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In testing centers or hospitals, physical examinations are generally done by collecting blood with vacuum blood collection tubes. This is because blood samples from blood collection tubes can be tested for many items. If you only need to detect a specific index, you can use some convenient instruments to directly measure it, such as a blood glucose meter, which can easily and quickly measure the blood glucose content.

There are many blood glucose meters on the market. It is convenient and quick to measure blood glucose levels. It can be performed anytime and anywhere. The operation is divided into five steps:

1. Turn on the power: some are to press the power switch, and some are to automatically turn on when the test paper is inserted.

2. Code adjustment: Different instruments have different adjustment methods. There are manual input test paper correction codes, the use of a password chip to insert the machine to automatically record the test paper correction codes, and some automatic code-free automatic identification.

3. Blood collection and blood sucking: Use a blood sampling pen equipped with a blood glucose meter to collect blood directly, and then the blood drop is close to the blood sucking area of ​the test paper, and the blood is directly sucked through the siphon.


Blood glucose meter quickly detects blood sugar

4. Waiting for the result: After the blood sucking, it will count down to the color measurement result, ranging from 5 to 30 seconds.

5. Shutdown: Pull out the test paper to automatically shut down or turn off the power.

Although there are many blood glucose meters, there are differences in performance. Although it is a small instrument, there are many technical indicators involved:

1. Stability CV value: The relative error of the blood glucose meter is relatively large. Generally, within 20%, it meets the national standard. However, the stability of the two results measured on the same one is not good. The better the stability, the more advanced the technology for culturing enzymes.

2. Accuracy SD value: Stability is the prerequisite for accuracy. With good stability, the measured value can be close to the standard value by adjusting the password. Because it is a biochemical product, the glucose oxidase culture process is complicated, the characteristics of each batch are different, and the current generated is slightly different. It is important to set the password to adjust the difference.

3. Inter-batch difference: The production requirements for blood glucose test strips are extremely strict. The measured value is close to the standard value through calibration, but the inter-batch difference is larger than the same batch. The national standard is that the inter-batch difference is not more than 15%.

4. Temperature compensation technology: Moreover, the enzyme activity is affected by temperature. The temperature compensation technology measured at different temperatures also reflects the differences in products of different manufacturers. As the characteristics of enzymes are difficult to grasp, the compensation effects of various companies are also uneven.

There are also a variety of portable blood glucose meters on the Internet, and the prices vary greatly. Although it is a small instrument, the technology of different products is very different. As an old blood test reagent company, Desheng recommends that you choose products from regular manufacturers. Don't just be cheap.