The impact of the carbomer market under the rebound of the foreign epidemic

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The recovery of the domestic economy during the National Day Golden Week has released the most obvious signal of China's success in fighting the epidemic, but the epidemic situation outside China is not optimistic, and many European countries have experienced serious rebounds. As an important raw material in daily chemicals and pharmaceutical excipients, how will the market be affected by carbomer?

Carbomer is still different from anti-epidemic materials. It has no medicinal effect. It is mainly used as a pharmaceutical excipient and used as a drug carrier. The largest amount of carbomer is mainly used in cosmetics and daily toiletries, not as urgent as masks. However, carbomer is the main raw material in the disposable disinfectant gel, which is still relatively affected by the epidemic.

Carbomer raw materials

There are many models of carbomer. The commonly used ones are carbomer 940 and 980. In a very low dosage, it can produce high-efficiency thickening effect. After dissolving, it can make the liquid system (usually water, alcohol, etc.) have Special yield value and rheology, only low

The concentration can make some insoluble additives (particles, oil droplets, decorative powder, etc.) reach a permanent suspension. Due to its high-quality gel and suspension properties, Carbomer is not only used in skin care creams, lotions and other daily chemicals, but also in gel bases in various pharmaceutical excipients.

At the beginning of the epidemic, due to the shortage of raw materials, the price of carbomer once soared, and then gradually returned to normal levels. In the daily chemical industry, especially cosmetics, although carbomer is the core raw material, the cost of raw materials for cosmetics actually accounts for a very small proportion, which will not greatly affect the carbomer used in daily chemical products and applications.

Carbomer immune disinfection gel is mainly used for rapid disposable disinfection in epidemic areas, and this type of hand sanitizer is generally not used, so the market for this type of carbomer products is mainly in areas where the epidemic is spreading, such as the recent Many European countries where the epidemic has rebounded.

In the early stage of the domestic epidemic, the supply of carbomer products was cut off due to imported sources, and the domestic market demand increased, so Desheng upgraded equipment and production capacity; now the quality and production capacity of carbomer have greatly improved, so it is very suitable for needs Countries and regions demand this raw material.