After the epidemic, what should be paid attention to when purchasing diagnostic reagents?

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National Day has passed, and 2020 is entering the final quarter, but the global epidemic has not planned to end over time. Although the country has achieved victory in the fight against the epidemic, in order to prevent a second outbreak, all walks of life cannot be taken lightly. In this situation, what should I pay attention to when purchasing reagents that are already cumbersome?

The procurement of biochemical reagents, especially in vitro diagnostic reagents, is different from many bulk commodities. The method of “being afraid of comparing goods without knowing the goods” is usually not applicable. If it is a large quantity of chemical raw materials, the purchase period is usually large and the amount is relatively easy to handle. If it is a small amount of reagents that are purchased frequently, and there are many types, it will be a headache for purchasers. But there are still some ways to improve this situation.

Procurement of in vitro diagnostic reagents

1. Learn more about professional knowledge

As the saying goes, a worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well, and mastering a certain degree of professional knowledge can often have a multiplier effect for purchasing. Like in vitro diagnostic reagents, there are many things that cannot be judged by name, and sometimes even the same CAS number may not be the product to be purchased. Different reagents have different grades, concentrations, purity, etc. in different applications.

2. Make good use of network information

In fact, before the epidemic, current purchasers would use the Internet to purchase various reagent products. After industry exhibitions have decreased and travel is not convenient, it has become more common to purchase via the Internet. However, online procurement also has its drawbacks. A lot of information is not authentic enough, and it is inevitable that you will be deceived. You must be careful about this. Moreover, due to the situation of the epidemic, illegal incidents of dishonesty on the Internet have occurred from time to time.

3. Make records and preparations

Due to the unpopularity of in-vitro diagnostic reagents and the variety of names, some products are very troublesome to find on the Internet, which often delays the procurement time to the nearby delivery time. At this time, purchasers are often more anxious, and it is easier at this time They are fooled into buying fake products, or products of poor quality, and even directly defrauded of money. Therefore, it is necessary to record and prepare related reagent products at ordinary times to avoid panic when looking for goods temporarily.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, in order to seek new opportunities, many companies may also purchase some diagnostic reagents that were not familiar in the past. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate and learn more with technicians when purchasing. At the same time, you can also consult professionals like Desheng for the corresponding products. Reagent manufacturing enterprises.