Application of Carbomer 940 Gel in Ultrasound Diagnostics

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Carbomer 940 can be used as the main raw material matrix for the preparation of coupling agent. It has the advantages of Non-toxic toxicand side effects on human skin, no damage to the probe, no pollution to clothing, smooth spreading, suitable viscosity, and stable preparation. After clinical use, all quality indicators have reached the requirements, and the application in ultrasonic diagnostics is extremely common.

Kadom is a high molecular polymer cross-linked with acrylic acid and sucrose. It can be divided into different models of low, medium and high viscosity. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a tablet adhesive, a thickener for ointments and creams, and an excipient for other pharmaceutical dosage forms. As an excellent pharmaceutical excipient, carbomer can be divided into 910, 934, 934P, 940, 941, 1342 viscosity models. After the viscosity is marked with P, it can be used as an internal preparation excipient. The application should be based on the formulation and its properties. Different options.

 carbomer gel

When carbomer gel is used in ultrasonic diagnostic preparations, its stability is good, and the finished product has fine texture, light blue, uniform and transparent color, suitable viscosity, but it is easy to spread and has a mellow fragrance. Take 10g of the sample and put it in a graduated centrifuge tube, centrifuge at 3000r per minute for 30 minutes. Take another 10g sample and put it in the packing box and cover it, and put it in a constant temperature incubator at 55°C for 6 hours and a ball box at 15°C for 24 hours. The product has no delamination. The prepared samples were placed at room temperature under a cover and airtight for 6 October, and no discoloration, corruption, deterioration, etc. were seen, and they were tested according to the proposed quality standards, and there was no change.

Carbomer is a white loose acidic powder, light weight, strong hygroscopicity, and adhesion. It can swell in ethanol, water, and glycerin. The neutralizer can be sodium hydroxide, triethanolamine, etc. 400mg sodium hydroxide can neutralize 10g carbomer. The neutralized gel is most viscous at pH 6-11. If the viscosity of pH<3 or pH>12 decreases, the presence of strong electrolytes can also reduce the viscosity. It is fully swelled, do not cause agglomeration, and the raw materials should be sealed and kept away from light at room temperature.

Carbomer 940 produced by Desheng has a small amount when it is made into a gel, has a suitable viscosity, is easy to spread, easy to use, and reasonable in price. The clinical quality is satisfactory. At present, there are more than one hundred stable cooperative enterprises, and the stock is sufficient to meet the large ordering needs of customers.