How to judge the quality of biological buffer

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Biological buffer is a solution that can keep the pH of the solution relatively stable when a small amount of acid or alkali is added. Most cells can only move in a narrow pH range, and a buffer system is needed to resist the occurrence of metabolic processes. pH changes. In biochemical research work, buffer solutions are often used to maintain the pH of the experimental system.

First of all, we talk about the characteristics of an excellent buffer from the product

1. Water solubility

2. Chemical stability

3. Good buffering capacity in the required pH range

4. Good compatibility with analysis and experimental application conditions

5. Good compatibility with other solutes

The above 5 points companies should start from the needs of purchase, compare the characteristics that meet the needs, and select a biological buffer that better meets the needs. If every point can meet the demand, of course the quality of the biological buffer is very worthy of recognition.

Secondly, we will talk about the characteristics of excellent biochemical reagent companies from the perspective of the company

1.Complete varieties and sufficient inventory. There are many varieties of biological buffers, mainly Tris, Tris-HCL, Bicine, Caps, Mops, Taps, EPPS, HEPES, PEP, PIPES, MOPSO, etc. If a company can provide a one-stop purchasing experience, it will save customers a lot of time. Currently, there are not many companies that can do it, and Desheng is one of them.

2.Perfect logistics, because some chemical reagents containing hazardous chemicals are difficult to transport by ordinary express, so the country has strict requirements on the purchase and transportation of reagents. Similarly, reagents are necessary for laboratory experiments and have high requirements in terms of timeliness. Therefore, in the logistics and transportation, they must respond quickly and arrive in a short time. Desheng attaches great importance to logistics and cooperates with well-known large-scale logistics companies. Guarantee the interests of customers.

3.It is a manufacturer rather than a trader. Desheng has 14 years of production and R&D experience in this field. All products are independently developed and produced, and accumulated rich clinical experience, providing our end users with strong problem-solving capabilities. As a manufacturer rather than a trader, we can provide a more reasonable and cost-effective price

Precautions for configuring biological buffer:

In actual work, some analysts do not understand the mechanism of the buffer solution. When the buffer solution prepared and used does not match the specified value, in order to make the buffer solution meet the requirements, they use strong acids such as hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide. Alkali adjusts, thinking that this can make the buffer solution reach the required pH value as soon as possible, but the result is counterproductive. Although the pH value of such a solution is adjusted correctly, its buffer system is destroyed and its function is lost. , So you should also pay attention to this when buying.