Water-soluble silicide agent

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Blood collection tube additives

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    • Commodity name: Water-soluble silicide agent
    • Commodity ID: 1080800847475658752
    • CAS#: -
    • 分子量: -
    • 分子式: -
    • 储存条件: Sealing and moisture-proof

    Silicification treatment for glass or plastic surfaces

    [Product name] Water-soluble silicide agent

    [Package specification] 1L / bottle, 5L / barrel

    [Product performance] colorless, tasteless, transparent to turbid liquid, soluble in water, ethanol and alcohol water system. The aqueous solution with the content less than 5% is very stable, and the stability will be reduced if the acidity or alkalinity is too high.


    1.Add 0.5~1 part of water-soluble silicide agent into 100 parts of deionized water to prepare 0.5-1% aqueous solution, and mix well.

    2. Soak the test tube in the above solution and take it out after a short stay.

    3. Drain the solution downward, put it in the oven and dry it at 95 ~ 105 ℃.

    [Special storage conditions and methods] Sealed storage under normal temperature and pressure.


    1. The water-soluble silicide agent is a polymer methylpolysiloxane copolymer, which has hydrolytic stability. During the siliconization and preparation of test tubes, the test tubes, containers and gauges should be kept clean. It can be prepared directly with deionized water, easy to make and low cost.

    2. In view of the differences in products, technologies and environments of various enterprises, a small batch test should be conducted before the mass use of this product.

    [Validity] When stored unopened at 25℃ or below, the product has a shelf life of 30 months from the date of production.


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