Cell-free DNA preservation solution

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Blood collection tube additives

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  • Description
  • Usage Introduction
  • Product advantages
    • Commodity name: Cell-free DNA preservation solution
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    • 分子量: -
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    • 储存条件: 4-30 ℃, sealed and stored away from light and moisture

    Free DNA preservation solution can be used to preserve free DNA samples and can be applied to projects such as prenatal screening and tumor detection

    【Product Name】

    Cell-free DNA preservation solution

    Packaging specifications

    1L/bottle, 5L/bottle

    Executive Standards

    Q/WHDS 0402-2013

    Product performance

    This product is a colorless transparent liquid that can be used for disposable free DNA tubes.

    【Applicable scope】

    This product can effectively inhibit the degradation of cell free DNA by Nuclease in the blood, maintain the integrity of blood cells, and prevent the release of genomic DNA in cells from affecting the accuracy of detection results.

    [Instructions for Use]

    1. This product can stably store cell free DNA for 7 days at 6 ℃ to 35 ℃. It not only eliminates the need to maintain cold chain transportation conditions of dry ice (-78.5 ℃) during transportation, but also avoids the tedious steps of plasma separation at the blood collection point compared to traditional blood collection methods, bringing great convenience to batch concentration testing and long-distance transportation of samples;

    2. Cell free DNA in whole blood is stored at room temperature for 7 days, which is suitable for NIPT, tumor liquid biopsy and other Genetic testing fields;

    3. Volume ratio of preservation solution to blood: 1:10, that is, 10ml of blood sample needs to be added with 1mL of preservation solution.

    【 Precautions 】

    1. Immediately after blood collection, gently shake 180 ° upside down according to the recommended number of times (usually 8-10 times, except for tubes without additives) to thoroughly mix the additives and blood sample. Failure to perform timely reverse mixing or insufficient mixing after blood collection may result in inaccurate test results;

    2. The product is prohibited from freezing; After blood collection, the whole blood sample can be stored at a temperature of 18 to 25 ℃ for no more than 7 days;

    3. If the blood sample is collected through an intravenous infusion pipeline, it should be confirmed that the solution in the pipeline has been thoroughly removed before blood collection to avoid incorrect experimental results caused by contamination of the solution in the pipeline;

    4. Excessive or insufficient blood collection can lead to incorrect ratio of additives to blood, which may lead to incorrect analysis results; When using a blood collection volume setting that is suitable for soft needle blood collection, if it is not collected through the first tube, please immediately remove the needle after collecting enough blood volume;

    5. The blood cells in vitro are still undergoing metabolism, and not only do the blood cells themselves undergo changes, but the concentration of analytes in serum/plasma also changes after centrifugation (whether or not centrifuged). Therefore, it is necessary to check in a timely manner, otherwise it may lead to incorrect detection results;

    6. It is recommended to use 21g or 25g needles for blood collection, as the small number of needles used may lead to slow blood flow velocity;

    7. When used according to requirements, this preservation solution will not dilute the blood sample, and there is no need to consider dilution factor correction issues;

    8. After blood collection, it is recommended to centrifuge at 10 ℃ and 1600 grams of RCF (centrifugal force) for 10 minutes.

    Warnings and Precautions

    When impurities, foreign objects, abnormal odors, abnormal colors, or expiration dates are found in the free DNA preservation solution, it is prohibited to use it.

    【Storage conditions】

    It is recommended to store at a temperature of 4-30 ℃, sealed and protected from light and moisture.

    【Validity period】

    18 months

    Performance: It can inhibit Nuclease to degrade free DNA, avoid Somatic cell genome pollution, and prevent hemolysis. Free DNA in blood can be stored at 4-37 ℃ for 14 days; Avoid Somatic cell genome pollution: protect white blood cells from cracking, prevent the release of genomic DNA in white blood cells into plasma, ensure the constant concentration of free DNA in plasma, and achieve the purpose of complete preservation of free DNA in plasma; Effectively prevent hemolysis: Protect red blood cells from rupture and prevent the occurrence of hemolysis.

    Use: Xindesheng Free DNA Preservation Solution provides a solution for preserving free DNA, which can be used for subsequent Genetic testing. These preservation solutions are widely used in prenatal screening and tumor detection projects, and can be stored and transported at 4-37 ℃, with a validity period of 1 year. Compared to ordinary blood preservation solutions, it solves the problem of timely sample processing and simplifies storage and transportation conditions.

    Free DNA preservation solution can preserve free DNA in plasma at room temperature, stabilize nucleated cells, prevent the release of cell genomic DNA from diluting target free DNA, inhibit Nuclease from degrading free DNA, and ensure sample quality. Compared to EDTA tubes stored at room temperature for 5 days with obvious cell rupture, Desheng's free DNA preservation solution can store free DNA in blood for up to 14 days at 4-37 ℃. Welcome to inquire!

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