3- [N - [tri (hydroxymethyl) methyl] amino] propanesulfonic acid sodium TAPS-NA

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Biological buffers

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    • Commodity name: 3- [N - [tri (hydroxymethyl) methyl] amino] propanesulfonic acid sodium TAPS-NA
    • CAS#: 91000-53-2
    • 分子量: 265.26
    • 分子式: C7H16NNaO6S
    • 储存条件: Room temperature sealed storage

    4- [N - [tri (hydroxymethyl) methyl] amino] propanesulfonic acid sodium TAPS-NA can be used as a synthetic material intermediate, biological buffer, scientific research experiment, etc

    【Chinese Name 3- [N - [tri (hydroxymethyl) methyl] amino] propanesulfonic acid sodium

    【English abbreviation】TAPS-NA

    【CAS number91000-53-2

    【Molecular formula】 C7H16NNaO6S

    【Molecular Weight】 265.26

    【EINECS number】695-219-7

    【pH value range】 7.7-9.1

    【Storage conditions】 Room temperature sealed storage

    【Structural formula

    As a professional supplier of buffer solutions, Desheng can provide high-purity TAPS-NA and dozens of other biological buffering agents, providing protection for various experiments. Because it is a direct manufacturer, it has a significant advantage in providing large quantities of spot goods and pricing. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!



  • 【Product Usage】 Synthetic material intermediates, biological buffering agents, scientific research experiments, etc

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