3- (hydroxyethyl piperazine) -2-hydroxypropylsulfonic acid HEPPSO

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Biological buffers

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  • Description
  • Usage Introduction
  • Product advantages
    • Commodity name: 3- (hydroxyethyl piperazine) -2-hydroxypropylsulfonic acid HEPPSO
    • CAS#: 68399-78-0
    • 分子量: 268.33
    • 分子式: C9H20N2O5S
    • 储存条件: Room temperature sealed storage

    HEPPSO is a zwitterionic buffer. The working pH range of HEPPSO buffer is 7.1-8.5

    【Chinese Name】3- (hydroxyethyl piperazine) -2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid
    【English abbreviation】HEPPSO
    【CAS Number】68399-78-0
    【Molecular formula】C9H20N2O5S
    【Molecular Weight】 268.33
    【Storage conditions】 Room temperature sealed storage
    【EINECS number】269-990-1
    【Melting point:】158-160 ° C
    【PH value range】7.1-8.5
    【Product Introduction】
    HEPPSO is a zwitterionic buffering agent. The working pH range of HEPPSO buffer is 7.1 to 8.5. HEPPSO exhibits a high ability to bind copper (II), with a pKa value of 7.84 at a 2.0 mM buffer concentration.

    As a professional supplier of buffer solutions, Desheng can provide high-purity HEPPSO and dozens of other biological buffering agents, providing protection for various experiments. Because it is a direct manufacturer, it has a significant advantage in providing large quantities of spot goods and pricing. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!



  • 【Configuration Method】
    1. Please add 10 microliters of sample buffer solution to every 40 microliters of protein sample (5 times dilution) for use. If the concentration of the protein sample is too high, it can be diluted with double distilled water.
    2. After mixing, heat in a 100 ℃ water bath for 5-10 minutes to denature the protein.
    3. After cooling to room temperature, centrifuge at 10000-14000rpm for 2-5 minutes, and take the supernatant and directly sample for electrophoresis.
    five × Precautions for protein loading buffer (including DTT):
    1. When the concentration of polyacrylamide gel is 8%, the position of bromophenol blue indicator band is about 30kd, when the gel concentration is 12%, it is about 20kd, and when the gel concentration is 15%, it is about 10kd. Please determine the electrophoresis time based on your own goal bar.
    2. This reagent contains DTT and has certain toxicity. For your safety and health, please wear laboratory clothes and disposable gloves for operation.
    3. The protein sample buffer contains a bromophenol blue indicator, and its pH value is affected by storage temperature. Under low-temperature freezing conditions, the solution may appear dark brown, which does not affect the use of the product.
    This product is a DNA loading buffer with 6 times concentration, which is used for DNA gel electrophoresis and can make DNA sample sink into the gel loading hole. Its main components are glycerol, EDTA, bromophenol blue, and xylene blue. Bromophenol blue and xylene blue are used as indicators during electrophoresis, which can indicate the electrophoresis process.
    【Instructions for Use】
    1. Please add 1 microliter of 6 to every 5 microliters of DNA sample × Use the ratio on the DNA Loading Buffer (6x dilution).
    2. After mixing, it is directly added to the DNA gel sampling hole for electrophoresis.

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