1,4-Piperazine Diethylsulfonic Acid Dipotassium Salt Pipes-K2

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Biological buffers

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    • Commodity name: 1,4-Piperazine Diethylsulfonic Acid Dipotassium Salt Pipes-K2
    • CAS#: 108321-27-3
    • 分子量: 342.47
    • 分子式: C8H19KN2O6S2
    • 储存条件: Room temperature sealed storage

    Pipes-K2, a potassium salt of 1,4-piperazine diethylsulfonic acid, was used as a buffer for studying kinesin microtubule binding under fluorescence polarization microscopy

    Chinese Name 1,4-Piperazine Diethylsulfonic Acid Dipotassium Salt

    aliasPIPES dipotassium salt


    CAS Number108321-27-3

    Molecular formula C8H19KN2O6S2

    Molecular Weight 342.47

    pH value range 6.1-7.5

    Packaging 25KG cardboard drum

    Storage conditions Room temperature sealed storage

    Structural formula


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  • Product Usage PIPES dipotassium salt is suitable as a component of PHEM buffer ([K-PIPES], HEPES, EGTA, and MgSO4) used in the flushing and blocking steps of HeLa cell immunofluorescence imaging, and also as a buffer for purifying microtubule proteins

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