N - (2-acetylamino) -2-iminodiacetic acid ADA

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Biological buffers

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    • Commodity name: N - (2-acetylamino) -2-iminodiacetic acid ADA
    • CAS#: 26239-55-4
    • 分子量: 190.15
    • 分子式: 26239-55-4
    • 储存条件: Sealed Storage

    Mainly used as a desulfurizer for water gas and semi water gas in the production of synthetic ammonia, as well as as as a dye intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediate, and biological buffer

    Chinese NameN - (2-Acetylamino) - iminodiacetic acid

    English Name N - (2-Acetamido) iminodiaceticid

    CAS Number 26239-55-4

    Molecular formula C6H10N2O5

    Molecular Weight 190.15

    EINECS number247-530-0

    Packaging 25KG cardboard drum

    Storage MethodSealed Storage

    Structural formula


    Azodicarbonamide, abbreviated as ADA, is a yellow to orange red crystalline powder with dual effects of bleaching and oxidation. It is a fast flour treatment agent that has been widely used abroad and approved by WHO and FDA. It is an ideal product to replace potassium bromate. Azo formamide has oxidizing properties and is a fast acting oxidant. Its activity is maintained for a long time. Through the reduction of nitrogen double bonds, the H atom in the - SH group in the protein is removed, and it itself becomes a biuret. This connects the protein chains to form a three-dimensional network structure, improving the elasticity, toughness, and uniformity of the dough, resulting in a larger volume and better organizational structure of the produced dough. Compared with potassium bromate, ADA is not like potassium bromate in terms of its application. According to the hygiene standard for the use of food additives in the People's Republic of China GB2760-19 Chemicalbook96, ADA can be used in wheat flour with a maximum dosage of 0.045g/kg.


    As a professional supplier of buffer solutions, Desheng can provide high-purity ADA and dozens of other biological buffering agents to safeguard various experiments. Because it is a direct manufacturer, it has a significant advantage in providing large quantities of spot goods and pricing. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!



  • Product UsageN - (2-Acetylamino) - iminodiacetic acid) ADA is mainly used as a desulfurizer for water gas and semi water gas in the production of synthetic ammonia. It can also be used as a dye intermediate, as a pharmaceutical intermediate, and as a biological buffer. The pKa at 20 ° C is 6.9, and the pH is 6.0-7.2. This good buffer can prevent the oxidation and irreversible denaturation of proteins, and conduct gel electrophoresis at the same time. Interference with BCA and Lowry protein determination. Chelate metal ions such as manganese (II), copper (II), nickel (II), zinc (II), and cobalt (II) at 2:1 or below physiological pH. It is soluble in sodium hydroxide and can absorb ultraviolet radiation below 260nm.

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