3-Tri (hydroxymethyl) methylamino-2-hydroxypropylsulfonic acid TAPSO

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Biological buffers

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    • Commodity name: 3-Tri (hydroxymethyl) methylamino-2-hydroxypropylsulfonic acid TAPSO
    • CAS#: 68399-81-5
    • 分子量: 259.28
    • 分子式: C7H17NO7S
    • 储存条件: Room temperature sealed storage

    3-Tri (hydroxymethyl) methylamino-2-hydroxypropylsulfonic acid TAPSO is used in laboratory research and development processes and chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis processes

    【Chinese Name】 3-Trihydroxymethylamine 2-hydroxypropylsulfonic acid

    【English Name】TAPSO, TAPSOBuffer

    【CAS Number】68399-81-5

    【 Molecular formula 】: C7H17NO7S

    【Molecular weight 259.28

    【 Color 】White crystalline powder

    【 Packaging 】25KG cardboard drum

    【Melting point: 224-229 ° C (dec.)

    【Density1.07607 g/cm3 (temperature: 25.00 ° C)


    As an advantageous supplier of biological buffering agents, Desheng has a product purity of up to 99%, which can meet the vast majority of experimental needs. Moreover, the company has precise control over product quality and repeatedly checks each batch of products before they can be sold. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for purchase!


  • 【Preparation of TAPSOA mixture of 242.28 grams (2 moles) of tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, 500 milliliters of water, and 196.5 grams (1 mole) of sodium 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropylsulfonate was placed in a 1 liter 2-neck flask with a stirrer and condenser. Stir the mixture vigorously under reflux for 3 hours. After cooling to 25 ℃, allow the solution to pass through a Dowex50, hydrogen form cation exchange resin column to remove sodium cations and form free acids. The eluent from the column evaporates into heavy oil under vacuum. After dilution with alcohol, the product crystallizes from the solution, is filtered, washed with alcohol, and dried. Obtain 160 grams of white product N-tris (hydroxymethyl) methylene-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid.

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