N,N-Bis(4-sulfobutyl)-3,5-dimethylaniline disodium salt

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Chromogenic substrate reagents

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  • Description
  • Usage Introduction
  • Product advantages
    • Commodity name: N,N-Bis(4-sulfobutyl)-3,5-dimethylaniline disodium salt
    • Commodity ID: 1080800878379290624
    • CAS#: 209518-16-1
    • 分子量: 437.48234
    • 分子式: C16H25NNa2O6S2
    • 储存条件: 0-5℃,Avoid light and moisture

    【English name】N,N-Bis(4-sulfobutyl)-3,5-dimethylaniline disodium salt

    【Chinese name】N, N-bis (4-sulfobutyl) - 3,5-dimethylaniline sodium salt



    【Molecular weight】437.48234

    【Molecular formula】C16H25NNa2O6S2

    【Storage condition】0-5℃, away from light and moisture

    【Transportation Conditions】room temperature

    【Oxidation reaction】

    【Application】This product can be used in the water-soluble reagent for the determination of hydrogen peroxide by enzyme photometry, widely used in diagnosis and biochemical test.

    【Product advantage】The purity is >99%, with good water solubility and stable process, which can ensure that the product appearance is pure white crystal powder.

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    Key words:
    • Fluorescent molecular
    • Substrates

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