2-(4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)Piperazin-1-Yl)Ethanesulfonic Acid

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Biological buffers


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  • Description
  • Usage Introduction
  • Product advantages
    • Commodity name: 2-(4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)Piperazin-1-Yl)Ethanesulfonic Acid
    • Commodity ID: 1080800544604966912
    • CAS#: 7365-45-9
    • 分子量: 238.305
    • 分子式: C8H18N2O4S
    • 储存条件: 2-8°C

    (English name)HEPES

    (Chinese name)4-hydroxyethyl piperazine ethanesulfonic acid


    (Molecular weight)238.305

    (Molecular formula)C8H18N2O4S

    (Storage condition)room temperature, away from light and moisture

    (Molecular structure)



    (Application)4-hydroxyethyl piperazine ethanesulfonic acid is a biological buffer, which can be used as the reaction buffer, pre hybridization buffer and hybridization buffer for the separation and analysis of RNA nuclear components. It can be used for 3’ - terminal marker of RNA and t4RNA ligase, and it can be used in biochemical diagnosis kit, DNA / RNA extraction kit and PCR diagnosis kit. It has no toxic effect on cells. It is a hydrogen ion buffer which can control the constant pH range for a long time. The final concentration is 10-50mmol/L, and the buffer capacity can be achieved when the culture medium contains 20mmol/LHEPES.

    (Product advantage)The purity is >99%, with good water solubility and stable process, which can ensure that the product appearance is pure white crystal powder.

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