Herpes simplex virus 2 antigen (HSV-2)

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    • Commodity name: Herpes simplex virus 2 antigen (HSV-2)
    • Commodity ID: 1080800587424616448
    • 储存条件: It can be stored for one year at 4 ℃ and for two years at -20 ℃

    Can be used for preparing antibodies or preparing calibration and quality control substances

    Recombinant herpes simplex virus 2 antigen (HSV-2 antigen)

    Herpes simplex virus (HSV) belongs to a subfamily of Herpesviridae, which can cause a variety of human diseases, such as gingival stomatitis, keratoconjunctivitis, encephalitis, reproductive system infection and neonatal infection. After infecting the host, the latent infection is often established in the nerve cells, and after activation, the asymptomatic detoxification will occur, maintaining the transmission chain in the population, and the cycle will continue.

    HSV has the typical morphological characteristics of herpesvirus. According to biochemistry, biology and epidemiology, HSV-1 and HSV-2 are divided into two serotypes. The two genomes are similar, with 50% homology. There are common antigens and specific antigens between the two types. The type specific monoclonal antibody can be used as ELISA, DNA restriction enzyme analysis and DNA hybridization test.

    HSV-1 infection was found in the oropharynx, especially gingival stomatitis. The clinical manifestations were herpes, fever, sore throat and ulceration. In addition, it can also cause encephalitis and skin herpetic eczema. Adults can cause pharyngitis and tonsillitis. The primary infection of HSV-2 mainly causes genital herpes. The male shows vesicular ulcer injury of penis, while the female shows vesicular ulcer injury of cervix, vulva and vagina. The complications include external genital injury and aseptic meningitis.   

    Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is widely distributed in the world, and the infection is very common in the population. Patients and patients with the virus are the source of infection. The virus can enter the body through direct contact or sexual contact of skin and mucous membrane. So herpes simplex virus is very harmful to human body.

    The company's herpes simplex virus type 2 antigen (HSV-2 antigen) is a recombinant protein, which can detect neutralizing antibodies in the blood of patients with HSV-2 infection, and has a high sensitivity and detection rate for patients with HSV-2 infection.          

    Dosage form: solution

    Save buffer: PBS

    Concentration: 1 - 3 mg / ml

    essential information:

    Source: mammalian cell expression

    Molecular weight: 50 kDa (SDS-PAGE detection)

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