Medical serum separating tube and gel: a sharp tool for optimizing clinical hematology detection

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Serum isolation is a crucial step in biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, as it can provide important information about diseases, physiological states, and treatment outcomes. As an indispensable tool in modern clinical laboratory, medical serum separation tube can effectively divide blood samples into serum and blood cells by adding serum separation gel and using separation technology, providing a more reliable and efficient method for hematology detection.

Medical serum separating tube and gel

Medical serum separation tube is a specially designed and sealed tube, usually made of plastic or glass. Its main function is to collect blood samples. Because the tube contains separation gel, effective serum separation can be carried out. These separation gel tubes usually have the following characteristics:

(1) Good sealing: Ensure that the blood sample is not disturbed by the external environment during the separation process, and prevent contamination and cross infection.

(2) Excellent biocompatibility: the separation gel on the inner wall of the tube is non-toxic and harmless, and does not produce any chemical reaction, so as to ensure the purity of the serum sample.

(3) Efficient serum separation performance: through special shape and design, as well as the turnover and specific gravity of serum separation gel, the serum and blood cells can be separated quickly and effectively.

Working principle of medical serum separation gel tube

1. Blood collection process: Medical serum separation tubes are used for blood collection, where the patient's blood flows into the tube and is left for a period of time for separation.

2. Stratification process: after blood collection, the separated gel will form an obvious gel layer under the effect of centrifugation to separate plasma and blood cells.

3. Fixed position: After the separation is completed, place it for a few minutes, and you can clearly see the layering phenomenon. The serum is located at the top, the separation gel is located in the middle, and the blood clot is located at the bottom. They are fixed in their respective positions to facilitate extraction for the next biochemical detection.

Function of separating gel

The separating gel layer of the medical serum separating tube plays a key role in collecting blood. The presence of gel can prevent blood cells from passing through the separating gel layer and keep the serum free of interference from other blood cell components. When preparing serum, the separation tube allows the collected blood to be quickly separated into two components: serum and blood cells, providing high-quality serum samples for subsequent clinical testing. In addition, the presence of separation gel can reduce the interference of blood cells on serum biochemical analysis, not only improve the accuracy of detection, but also save time for medical staff, making laboratory work more efficient, eliminating the need for manual separation, and reducing possible human errors.

The medical serum separating tube optimizes the process of clinical hematology detection and improves the accuracy and efficiency of detection by separating gel technology. However, it should be noted that the medical serum separation tube should be kept vertical during blood collection, and should be shaken slightly in time to make the blood sample fully contact with the separation gel. To ensure timely separation of plasma and blood cells, centrifugation is required as soon as possible after blood collection.

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