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Luminol is a key reagent in many biomedical and chemical experiments. It is a mixture of components such as Luminol and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). When the two combine, Luminol molecules undergo oxidation reactions, generating light signals. Therefore, it is widely used in fields such as enzyme activity detection, immune analysis, and nucleic acid detection. Choosing high-quality Luminol reagents in these fields is a prerequisite for ensuring experimental accuracy and stability. Below, we will introduce the procurement of Luminol reagents and the benefits of choosing Desheng as a supplier.

Luminol reagent

The Use of Luminol Reagent

1. Immunoassay: Luminol reagent is used in immunological experiments such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to detect the presence of antibodies or antigens.

2. Nucleic acid detection: Luminol reagents are also used in nucleic acid hybridization experiments and other nucleic acid detection methods to detect the presence of DNA or RNA.

3. Protein detection: Luminol reagent can be used to detect the presence and concentration of proteins, especially in Western blotting experiments.

4. Enzyme activity analysis: It can be used to measure the activity of enzymes, such as dehydrogenase of coenzyme A.

Key factors in purchasing Luminol reagents

Purchasing Luminol reagents may sound simple, but choosing the right supplier and product is a difficult task. The following are some key factors that need to be fully considered in the procurement process of Luminol reagents:

Purity and quality: The purity and quality of Luminol reagents are crucial to the experimental results. High quality reagents will make the experiment smoother, improve efficiency, and ensure reliable data results.

Sensitivity: As a luminescent reagent, Luminol has a fast reaction sensitivity, indicating higher reagent quality. Sensitivity is generally related to the reactant, and high sensitivity indicates that its experimental process can also achieve ideal results.

Stability: The stability of the reagent is guaranteed for storage and long-term use, which can reduce experimental errors.

Price: Although price is not a determining factor, it is a factor that most buyers care about. A reliable and affordable reagent is not easy to find, and sometimes you may encounter agents. You can inquire more and compare more when choosing.

Product packaging

Choose Desheng as the supplier of Luminol reagent

In terms of purchasing Luminol reagents, choosing Desheng as your supplier has the following benefits:

1. High quality products: Desheng provides high-quality Luminol reagent raw materials, and the products undergo strict quality control and testing repeatedly. The quality department reviews and checks at all levels to ensure that the experimental products meet customer requirements.

2. Diversity specifications: Desheng provides various specifications and packaging of Luminol reagents to meet different experimental needs. Whether you are conducting small-scale research or large-scale experiments, we have suitable products such as milligrams, grams, etc.

3. Stable supply: We are known for our reliable supply, ensuring that customers can conduct experiments as planned without delaying the research process due to supply issues. We also have a large warehouse with no shortage or out of stock.

4. Competitive pricing: We are a manufacturer that produces and sells directly, without intermediary agents, directly supplying customers from the source. Our prices are flexible and quoted based on quantity, helping customers obtain the required products within an effective budget range.

5. Customer Support: Due to its independent research and development, production, and service teams, customers have professional one-on-one tracking services from early consultation, ordering, shipping, and use, providing assistance at any time, answering questions, and providing necessary product information.

Desheng is a reliable partner when selecting Luminol reagent suppliers. We provide high-quality chemiluminescent reagents and competitive prices to help you efficiently complete experiments without any worries. Choosing Desheng represents your choice of reliable quality and service. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!