Effect of gel additive in blood collection tube

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The gel additive in the blood collection tube is an important component used for blood sample collection and subsequent laboratory tests. It usually exists in the form of gel and is packaged at the bottom of the blood collection tube. Their main function is to assist in blood separation to ensure the collection of high-quality serum or plasma samples. The role of gel additives in blood collection vessels and their importance in medical diagnosis and research will be discussed in detail below.

1. Separation of serum and plasma: an important role of gel additives in test tubes is to assist in the separation of serum and plasma from blood cells. Generally, gel is located at the bottom of the blood collection vessel. When blood is collected and centrifuged, it will float up to form a gel layer. This gel layer acts as an isolator to prevent the plasma or serum from mixing with blood cells. Generally, the serum, separated gel and blood clot can be clearly seen through the centrifuge tube. Therefore, after the sample is collected, the separated plasma or serum will be relatively clean without blood cell residue.

gel additive in the blood collection

2. Convenient for subsequent analysis: the use of gel additives in the blood collection tube can improve the accuracy of laboratory tests. Since plasma or serum samples are relatively clean and free of blood cell contamination, subsequent chemical analysis, biochemical analysis and immunological tests are easier to carry out. These analyses usually require high-purity plasma or serum samples to obtain accurate results. gel additives ensure the quality of samples and reduce interference factors in the analysis process.

3. Improve blood collection efficiency: gel additive can also help improve the efficiency of blood collection. Generally, it will be used with anticoagulants or coagulants to help maintain the stability of blood samples. Because it shortens the clotting time of blood samples, it can achieve rapid separation, which is conducive to the improvement of blood collection efficiency.

4. Extended sample stability: gel additives help to extend the stability of blood samples. After collection, the gel layer can prevent the interaction between plasma or serum and blood cells, and slow down the degradation and dissolution of cells. This is critical for samples that need to be delayed for analysis or transportation, because it ensures the reliability of samples in a long time.

6. It is suitable for many experiments: the versatility of gel additives in blood collection vessels makes it suitable for many different experiments. Whether for biochemical analysis or clinical assay, it provides high-quality samples. This multi applicability makes gel additives an indispensable reagent in the medical field, scientific research and clinical diagnosis.

The gel additives in blood collection vessels have important application significance in blood sample collection and laboratory testing. They can not only prevent blood clotting, but also assist in the separation of plasma and serum, improve the accuracy of subsequent analysis and blood collection efficiency, and prolong sample stability. However, the premise of exerting superior performance is that the quality of gel additives is stable enough.

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