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In biological research and laboratory work, using appropriate buffers can maintain experimental stability and accuracy. MOPS (3-morpholine propionic acid) is a commonly used biological buffer, widely used in various biological experiments such as nucleic acid electrophoresis, protein electrophoresis, and cell culture. In these experiments, there is a high demand for MOPS, usually requiring high-quality products with a purity of up to 99%. What are the characteristics of MOPS high-quality products? Now let's introduce it to everyone.


1.Advantages of MOPS buffer
MOPS buffer is highly popular in biological experiments due to its series of characteristics:
1. Stable pH value: It can maintain a stable pH value within different pH ranges, which is of significance in the study of maintaining precise pH conditions in biological experiments.
2. Electrophoresis application: It is very suitable for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis, helping to achieve clear electrophoresis bands and accurate analysis results.
3. Low toxicity: MOPS is a low toxicity buffer with minimal impact on biological systems and is suitable for experiments such as cell culture and biomolecular purification.
4. Colorless, odorless, and soluble: MOPS is easy to dissolve in water, and the preparation of buffer solution is simple and convenient. It is also colorless and odorless, and will not cause any interference to the experimental sample.

2、 MOPS boutique wholesale
In laboratory work, obtaining high-quality reagents is crucial for ensuring experimental results, while wholesale of high-quality products ensures obtaining high standards of products, which is beneficial for research work. Boutique wholesale usually includes the following characteristics:
1. High purity: High quality MOPS usually have higher purity and are free of impurities, ensuring the accuracy of experimental results.
2. High quality packaging: MOPS for high-quality wholesale products are usually supplied in high-quality packaging to avoid the impact of pollution and moisture on product quality.
3. Verified: High quality products often undergo strict quality control and verification to ensure that they meet expected performance requirements.
4. Technical support: Some suppliers provide technical support related to high-quality MOPS to help researchers better apply it in their experiments.

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3、 MOPS buffer high purity
A high-quality MOPS buffer should have the characteristics of high purity, white crystal powder appearance, and good water solubility. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experimental results, it is recommended to use high-quality MOPS buffer and prepare and use it according to the correct method. The preparation is generally carried out through the following steps: first, prepare the required raw materials, including MOPS, sodium acetate, trihydrate, and disodium dihydrate. Then, add 800 milliliters of distilled water to the raw material and mix until dissolved. Next, adjust the pH value to 7 using sodium hydroxide, which needs to be carried out in distilled water without nuclease. Finally, add deionized water to a final volume of 1000 milliliters. The liquid concentration obtained at this time is 10x400mM MOPS (buffer), 100mM NaAc, and 10mM EDTA.

From the above, the wholesale of high-quality MOPS products can provide high-quality results for laboratory personnel, and selecting high-purity products and correct configuration methods can help the smooth progress of laboratory work. When choosing suppliers, everyone can also consider factors such as their reputation, quality assurance, and customer support to ensure high-quality products are obtained. As an advantageous manufacturer of biological buffers, Desheng provides analytical pure buffering agent raw material powder, and as a reputable supplier, the powder undergoes strict quality control to ensure the consistency and stability of each batch of products. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for purchase!