How to choose new trinder's reagents such as TOOS

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The use of the new trinder's reagent is very specific. It is used in in vitro diagnostic kits through enzyme-linked reactions. The main test sample is serum. By labeling the content of substances to be tested in the serum, such as uric acid, creatinine, blood sugar, etc., it can prevent, diagnose, and detect the health status of the human body.

The commonly used chemical reagents in the new trinder's reagents are sodium amine sulfonates, including ADPS, TOOS, TOPS, ADOS, HDAOS, DAOS, ALPS, MAOS, MADB, etc. They have different absorption wavelengths, molar absorbance, and different reagents are suitable for different pH ranges of solutions, as shown in the following figure:

New trinder's reagent related parameters

The absorption wavelengths of MADB and MAOS are among the best of these reagents, with a wavelength of 630nm. They are usually suitable for detection items that require high precision values, as the higher the absorption wavelength, the less affected it is by other interfering substances in the serum. From the perspective of absorbance, ALPS, TOOS, TODB, and TOPS are superior, which means that the sensitivity of color reaction is high, and very small amounts of the test items in serum can be determined.

Overall, TOOS has a wide range of practical applications due to its good performance in color reaction intensity and fading, making it more suitable for general test items; When the content of a specific test item is very low, ALPS is more suitable because its molar absorbance is more sensitive; When the absorption wavelength of the substance to be tested is between 550nm and 600nm, in order to avoid interference, it is necessary to choose a reagent with an absorption wavelength higher than 600nm. At this time, MADB or MAOS should be chosen.

The new trinder's reagent has the advantages of good water solubility, UV absorption wavelength of color reaction products above 540nm (including 540nm), wide pH range requirements for color reaction, and high sensitivity for color reaction. In addition to the above advantages, the new trinder's reagents produced by Desheng also have the advantages of high purity, stable production process, and small batch differences. If you need to purchase new trinder's reagents, please click on the Desheng official website to learn more details or contact me!