How much is the buffer CAPS for electrophoresis?

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3- (cyclohexylamine) -1-propanesulfonic acid, abbreviated as CAPS, is an important buffer and laboratory reagent with extensive applications in molecular biology, biochemistry, biomedical research, and industrial fields. At present, the demand for it in the market is gradually increasing. Given industry competition, various manufacturers are also constantly adjusting prices to attract customer flow. So what is the connection between its price adjustment and?

1、 CAPS performance

First of all, when it comes to the price of CAPS, it cannot be separated from its performance. The stability of its performance depends on the following points:

(1) High solubility: CAPS molecules contain hydrophilic sulfonic acid groups, which have good solubility in water, making it easy to prepare buffer solutions of different concentrations.

(2) Acid-base performance: CAPS can adjust the pH value, and its effective buffer range is usually between pH 8.9-10.3, which helps to stabilize environmental reaction systems, such as in nucleic acid electrophoresis and protein electrophoresis.

(3) Stability: It is relatively stable at room temperature and is not easily decomposed. It can be stored for a long time and remains stable.

(4) Safety: It is usually considered non-toxic and relatively safe to operate in the laboratory.

2、 CAPS Price Determinants

(1) Manufacturer efficiency: For manufacturers, purchasing bulk products by customers is usually more cost-effective than retail purchases. Therefore, this also means that if customers purchase in small quantities, the price will naturally be much higher. For large-scale experiments and customers with high demand, bulk purchases are very cost-effective.

(2) Supply stability: The stability of wholesalers' supply can also affect prices. Suppliers who do not intend to cooperate for a long time often raise prices and stop selling after selling out; Suppliers with stable supply can establish a willingness to long-term cooperation with customers, ensuring that their production process is not interrupted to stabilize prices, and even offering low prices to existing customers.

(3) Packaging specifications: In the wholesale market, CAPS with different specifications and packaging forms can usually be seen to meet different needs, such as 500g/bottle and 25kg/barrel. These products with different specifications and packaging use different prices, which are closely related to demand.

(4) Technical support: Some CAPS wholesalers will provide technical support related to their product usage and practice, helping customers better utilize reagents, and even sending dedicated personnel to solve tracking problems. Upgrading and improving services greatly increases their trust.

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