How to choose high-efficiency coagulant powder and coagulant suspension?

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Blood coagulant, as the name suggests, is a chemical reagent that promotes blood coagulation, used in vacuum blood collection. We all know that blood that leaves the human body can also undergo coagulation in natural environments, but it takes too long. In high temperature and humidity environments, it may even deteriorate before the blood has fully solidified, which has a significant impact on subsequent examinations. Therefore, the use of blood coagulants can shorten the coagulation time of blood samples and ensure the accuracy of the results.

Accelerator suspension

There are currently two common types of blood coagulants on the market: high-efficiency coagulant powder and coagulant suspension. The main components of high-efficiency coagulation promoting powder include high polymer, coagulation factors, etc., which are in the form of a white powder, so they are easy to absorb moisture and need to be sealed and stored against moisture; The main components of coagulant suspension include thrombin, alcohol, silica powder, emulsifier, etc. It is a white suspended liquid, non-toxic and harmless. The storage temperature is suitable at 4-8 ℃, avoiding direct sunlight.

Efficient coagulation promoting powder can be prepared into a solution with water or alcohol suspension to spray onto the inner wall of the blood collection vessel, or dry powder can be directly added to the blood collection vessel. The use method is more variable and the price is higher; The coagulant suspension does not need to be prepared and can be evenly sprayed on the inner wall of the blood collection vessel. However, when adding it, it is necessary to mix the suspension evenly to ensure that all effective components are added uniformly. When the temperature is too low, the amount of coagulant suspension added needs to be increased.

Whether it is Blood coagulant powder or coagulant suspension, as long as used properly, it can assist in relevant inspections to obtain accurate results. When purchasing, everyone can choose according to their actual needs. Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to blood collection additives for 18 years. In addition to blood coagulants, there are also serum separation gel, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, EDTA potassium salt, etc. If you are interested, please click on the official website to check or contact me!