Application of Biological Buffers in Printing and Dyeing

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Biological buffering agents are unfamiliar to most ordinary people. They are not only important reagents in biochemical experiments, but also appear in all aspects of our daily lives. For example, hepes appearing in skincare ingredients, mops used in plant hydroponics, bicine used in plant seedling cuttings, caps used in new coatings, tris appearing in pig semen preservation solution, and so on. These are widely used biological buffers that are closely related to our daily lives.

Tris powder

The use of biological buffer can resist the influence of small amounts of strong acids or bases on the one hand, and maintain the pH value of the required solution on the other hand. Based on this characteristic, many textile printing and dyeing enterprises have used biological buffers to stabilize the pH value of the dyeing bath, because most dyes are sensitive to the pH value of the dyeing bath. When the pH value of the dyeing bath changes, problems such as uneven dyeing and significant color differences can occur, affecting the quality of the finished product. Therefore, stable pH value of the dyeing bath is very important for fabric dyeing.

The main factors affecting the pH value of dyeing baths are as follows:

1. The fabric is not thoroughly cleaned before dyeing, resulting in a small amount of acid or alkaline substances entering the dyeing bath,

2. When dyeing, adding some non neutral auxiliary reagents can affect the pH value of the dyeing bath,

3. Some dyes themselves are non neutral reagents that can affect the pH value when added to the dye bath,

4. Other equipment factors, such as when negative pressure occurs in the boiler steam supply, may cause acidic or alkaline solutions from other containers to be sucked into the steam pipeline. When heating the dye bath, these acidic or alkaline substances may be brought into the dye bath.

Due to the varying pH requirements of dyeing baths for different materials of fabrics, the selection of biological buffering agents should also depend on the actual situation. Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of biological buffering agents, with stable production processes and small batch differences. It can produce more than ten types of biological buffering agents such as tris, bicine, mops, caps, etc., with a complete and rich variety of products. If you have any recent purchasing needs, please feel free to inquire!