What is free DNA preservation solution?

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Free DNA preservation solution is a kind of liquid specially used to preserve free DNA. DNA is an important Genetic material in the organism and plays a vital role in the research and analysis of biological processes. In order to maintain the integrity and stability of DNA samples, many laboratories have developed free DNA preservation solution that can preserve DNA samples for a long time at room temperature without losing their integrity and usability. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the composition, functions, advantages, and precautions when using a downstream DNA preservation solution.

1、 Composition

1. Buffer: Free DNA preservation solution usually contains an optimized buffer to maintain the pH value of the liquid and prevent DNA degradation and oxidation.

2. Chelating agent: It may contain chelating agents, such as EDTA, used to bind with metal ions and inhibit the enzymatic activity of metal ions on DNA.

3. Protease inhibitors: In order to prevent proteases in DNA samples from degrading DNA, protease inhibitors may be added to the free DNA preservation solution.

4. Polymerase inhibitors: They may contain polymerase inhibitors to prevent nucleic acid amplification processes such as PCR reactions.

2、 Function

1. Protection of DNA integrity: Protease inhibitors and polymerase inhibitors in free DNA preservation solution can effectively prevent DNA degradation and amplification, maintaining the integrity of DNA samples.

2. Inhibition of DNA degradation: The chelating agent EDTA can bind to metal ions, reducing the catalytic effect of metal ions on DNA, thereby inhibiting DNA degradation.

3. Convenient storage: Compared to traditional freezing storage methods, it can store DNA samples for a long time at room temperature, making it easy to carry and use.

3、 Advantages and usage considerations

1. Free DNA preservation solution can store DNA samples at room temperature for several months or even longer without degradation or loss of their integrity. It is easy to use and only requires adding DNA samples to the preservation solution and gently mixing them. It is suitable for various DNA samples, such as blood, tissue, cells, etc.

2. Free DNA preservation solution is usually stable at room temperature, but should be stored in a dark and cool place, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight. It is not suitable for frozen storage, as freezing can cause precipitation and denaturation of the components of the preservation solution. In addition, once a DNA sample is added to the free DNA preservation solution, even if it is not fully used, it cannot be reused to prevent cross contamination.

Free DNA preservation solution is a convenient and efficient DNA preservation solution, which has the advantages of protecting DNA integrity, inhibiting DNA degradation, and being easy to carry. As an advantageous manufacturer of DNA preservation solutions, Desheng not only provides high-quality products but also offers discounted prices. If you are interested, please feel free to consult us and give it a try!