The role of tris in electrophoresis experiments

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Electrophoresis refers to the phenomenon of particles with dots moving in opposite electrical directions under the action of an electric field. Various biological macromolecules can dissociate into charged ion particles under a certain pH value environment, commonly used for analyzing nucleic acids, proteins, etc. Therefore, biological buffering agents are very important in electrophoresis experiments, and different electrophoresis experiments require different biological buffering agents.

Tris powder

In the electrophoresis experiment, the nucleic acid or protein sample to be detected is first added to the electrophoresis gel. The addition of biological buffer helps to stabilize the pH value of the electrophoresis gel. Nucleic acid, protein and other macromolecules quickly dissociate charged ions. Under the action of electric field, these ions will move to the opposite electricity and stay in different positions for research and analysis.
The main function of biological buffer in electrophoresis experiment is to maintain the pH value and Ionic strength of stable electrophoresis gel. These two indicators are relatively important index data in electrophoresis separation experiment, which will affect the electrolytic property of electrophoresis gel and the sample separation effect. If the pH value of the electrophoresis gel is not stable, it will directly lead to errors in the electrophoresis experiment results.

Tris, as a member of the biological buffer, has a pH buffer range of 7-9 and moderate Ionic strength, which does not affect the effect of sample separation. It can meet the requirements for biological buffer in electrophoresis experiments, but its role is far more than that. Tris can also be configured with Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, acetic acid, etc. as TAE buffer solution; Or it can be configured into TBE buffer solution with Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, boric acid, etc., which is suitable for DNA or RNA electrophoresis experiments.

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