Good news! Desheng coagulant has undergone significant improvements, allowing for rapid solidification in 5 minutes!

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Coagulant is a commonly used blood processing reagent, which is usually added to test tubes to promote blood coagulation and achieve rapid testing. Despite the early emergence of coagulants, there has always been a time limit, requiring at least 10 minutes to promote coagulation. Although there has been significant progress compared to traditional methods of treating blood coagulation, there are still shortcomings. In order to improve experimental efficiency, Desheng has recently invested a large amount of time in research and development, and made significant improvements to the coagulant. It can achieve rapid blood coagulation in as little as 5 minutes. Below, we will focus on analyzing the following aspects.

1Principle of action of coagulant

The principle is to activate coagulation factors in the blood, promote the generation of thrombin, and achieve coagulation. The entire coagulation process generally includes three reactions: the formation of thrombin activators, the action of calcium ions, and the transformation of fibrinogen. Traditional coagulants, on the other hand, will react for a period of time before starting to take effect, which can have some drawbacks for emergency treatment in clinical practice.

2Improvement advantages of Desheng coagulant

In order to solve the problem of slow blood coagulation in the early stage, Desheng has used new raw materials and technical means to produce the improved coagulant. The advantages of the improved coagulant are as follows:

1. Faster coagulation time: It can ensure rapid coagulation in a shorter time. If there is no enzymatic coagulant, it can coagulate in 7 minutes, and if there is an enzymatic coagulant, it can coagulate in 5 minutes. Compared to the previous 10 minutes or more, the time is reduced by half.

2. Stable effect: The newly improved coagulant has a more stable coagulation promoting effect in the experiment, which can effectively help medical staff obtain accurate results.

3. Thorough coagulation: With proper operation, the enzyme containing coagulant can completely coagulate in 5 minutes, greatly solving the problem of incomplete coagulation in the early stage. This can also quickly achieve blood separation, extract serum samples, and correspondingly reduce the waiting time for patients and medical staff.

Although the newly improved coagulant has many advantages, one of the more intuitive ones is the shortening of time, which can meet clinical needs faster. However, it is also important to ensure the shaking of the coagulant tube during use, so that the blood sample can fully come into contact with the coagulant to achieve the desired anticoagulant effect. As a raw material supplier for blood collection additives, Desheng is closely following the market pace, constantly developing technology, and constantly innovating and improving to seek greater benefits for blood collection manufacturers. If you have any related needs, you can click on the website to contact us!