Is it true that the cheaper the EDTA potassium dioxide raw material selection, the better?

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In clinical blood testing, the frequency of using EDTA potassium is very high, so both market demand and supply are increasing. Many people focus on price and cost when choosing, and generally believe that the cheaper the better. Is this really the case? Now let's introduce it to everyone.

In fact, for buyers, the real focus should be on the return on finished products, rather than focusing on cost and price, because if the return on finished products is not high, even if choosing low-priced products, it is still difficult to produce and sell them.

1、 Factors affecting the raw material price of EDTA potassium dioxide

1. The quality of EDTA potassium raw material. High quality EDTA potassium dioxide raw material can ensure the stability of the experiment, with a main content of over 99%. It is not only efficient to use, but also saves time for experimental personnel, and the production rate of finished tubes will also be improved.

2. EDTA potassium dioxide raw material usage. The proportion of EDTA potassium dioxide raw material usage and source supply are factors that affect prices, such as using imported raw materials and domestic raw materials for production. There is a fundamental difference between the two, and the price of natural finished EDTA potassium dioxide will also be adjusted according to market conditions.

2、 When choosing, focus on the elements of EDTA potassium dioxide

1. Personal experimental needs

Firstly, not all cheap EDTA potassium dioxide raw materials are suitable for experimental needs. When used, they should match the experimental requirements, specifically examining whether the application level is analytical grade or industrial grade, as well as the size of the demand. If the demand is large, it is important to focus on the supplier's supply capacity.

2. Performance indicators

The performance of EDTA potassium dioxide includes key indicators such as molecular weight, pH value, clarity, and solubility. If it is used in blood collection vessels, it is important to consider whether these indicators meet the standards, with a focus on powder solubility of ≥ 60% and whether the prepared clarity is free of impurities. Adding high-performance potassium dioxide to the test tube can improve the yield and facilitate the increase of downstream manufacturers' sales.

3. Reduce losses

To save costs, sometimes it is not necessary to look at the supplier's price, but can also be achieved by reducing losses. One of the more intuitive ways is to effectively store EDTA potassium to avoid mold. Due to the need to remove the powder for preparation during use, if it is not properly sealed during the removal process, the direct consequence is that the powder deteriorates and cannot be used, invisibly increasing costs.

So from the above points of view, cheap price is not the key point, but to pay attention to the performance of EDTA potassium, whether it can bring returns and increase profits for oneself. As a raw material supplier for blood vessel additives, Desheng  has become a consistent choice for the public. The product performance is not only stable and affordable, but also directly sold by the factory and long-term supply of goods, solving customer supply problems. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire and purchase!