What is the color of trimethylaminomethane?

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Trihydroxymethylaminomethane, also known as tris with CAS number 77-86-1, is an alkaline biological buffer. The pH of the aqueous solution is around 10.5, and the pka is 8.1 at 25 ℃. The buffer range is between pH 7 and 9. When used, it is usually necessary to add hydrochloride to adjust to the desired pH value. Tris needs to pay great attention to the influence of temperature during storage, and 20-25 degrees Celsius is a suitable temperature.

Tris powder

The color of trimethylaminomethane is white, and upon closer inspection, it can be observed that its appearance is similar to refined salt particles or white sugar particles. Without relevant labels to prove its identity, it cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. It should be emphasized here that unfamiliar chemical reagents should not be touched by hand, and it is strictly prohibited to smell or taste them. Tris is a stimulating chemical reagent that has a certain corrosive effect on metal substances such as copper and aluminum.

Tris, which has a white crystalline powder appearance, has good water solubility and a purity of up to 99%. This excellent property is closely related to its preparation process. The preparation of Tris has undergone dozens of tedious processes, as well as quite strict filtration, purification and other processes, resulting in a white and clean appearance, no impurities, and high purity.

Tris is also widely used, not only in electrophoresis tests, but also in adjusting the pH value of skincare products; When COVID-19 was rampant in the last two years, tris was also added to the virus preservation solution; At present, some new coatings used for house decoration and the removal of formaldehyde from the entire house after decoration also use tris. Trihydroxymethylaminomethane is also a very commonly used pharmaceutical intermediate, commonly used in acute metabolic and respiratory acidemia.

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