Factors affecting the price of trimethylaminomethane

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Trihydroxymethylaminomethane is a biological buffer mainly used to regulate the pH of solvents, and is applied in industries such as biomedicine, industrial coatings, food, and cosmetics. In the Chinese market, its market demand is increasing year by year, mainly produced and sold by some large chemical enterprises and biochemical reagent companies, with fierce market competition. Developed countries such as Europe and America are the main production and consumption markets for trimethylaminomethane internationally.

Tris, also known as Tris, has a significant market impact on its price, and the price of Tris buffer solution will also vary with the price of Tris raw materials. The factors that affect its price mainly include the following:

1. The price of raw materials is affected by the relationship between supply and demand in the market, and the price in the international market. The fluctuation will directly affect the production cost and market price.

2. Market competition: many manufacturers are engaged in price war, and the uneven quality and price also have a great impact on the market price

3. Transportation cost: Manufacturers in remote areas may have slightly higher price costs than manufacturers with convenient logistics and transportation

4. Exchange rate fluctuations: Exchange rate fluctuations can also have an impact on product prices

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Quality control: We have established a comprehensive quality management system ISO9001, which includes strict quality control and testing at every stage from raw material incoming inspection, production manufacturing, to product outbound inspection, ensuring that the Tris raw materials produced comply with international standards and meet customer requirements.

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