The growth history of Desheng serum separation gel

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Desheng has officially developed serum separation gel since May 2006. After two years of intensive research, the first generation of serum separation gel finally came out in May 2008 and began mass production. Due to the lack of experience in the development and production of serum separation gel, the disadvantages of serum separation gel gradually emerged. The appearance of this generation of serum separation gel is translucent, and it is not resistant to irradiation, so it is easy to be oxidized.

Serum separating gel

Desheng has always pursued the principle of quality first. In order to meet the market demand, in October 2010, the second generation of serum separation gel was successfully tested. This generation of serum separation gel is transparent in appearance and has the function of radiation resistance. It is worth mentioning that this type of separation gel has obtained relevant patent certification. Although the second generation serum separation gel has the advantages of radiation resistance and non-aging, it has obvious defects such as blood entrapment and hydrophilic material easy to change PH value.

If the product has defects, we should try to correct them. The third and fourth generation of serum separators are solving the problems left by the previous generation of serum separators. The appearance of the third generation serum separation gel is translucent, which basically solves the problem of blood entrapment. By the fourth generation of serum separation gel, Desheng has changed the acrylate raw material used in the past and boldly tried the resin raw material. The appearance is opaque, and the hydrophobic material is more inert, which is suitable for the long-term preservation of blood.

However, Desheng's pursuit of excellence has never stopped. Soon after the start of this year, the good news of the success of the fifth generation of serum separation gel test came! In addition to stable performance and stronger radiation resistance, the new generation of serum separation gel has made certain breakthroughs in its directionality, solvent compatibility, gelation efficiency and placement overturning performance. We look forward to the excellent performance of the new generation of serum separation gel.

The determination to solve difficulties, the confidence to challenge ourselves, and the concentration to develop products are the important reasons for Desheng to occupy the market. We can produce better quality serum separators only by constantly adapting to the needs of the market and pursuing innovation. The cultural concept that Desheng has always adhered to is also worth learning. If you are also interested in serum separators, welcome to exchange and learn with us!