Inventory of cosmetics raw materials produced by Desheng

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Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of chemical reagents, some of which are very effective cosmetics additives. Let's check them one by one.


HEPES is actually a kind of biological buffer produced by Desheng, and has become a new favorite in the cosmetics industry in recent years. As a cosmetic additive, its main function is to regulate the PH value of cosmetics, reduce irritation, soften the cuticle of skin, and promote cell metabolism; It has the function of penetration promotion, enabling the skin to better absorb nutrients, and at the same time has certain sunscreen power.


TRIS is also a biological buffer. When used in high-end cosmetics, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, mild and safety. The addition of TRIS in cosmetics can adjust the PH value of the product, make it close to the PH value of the skin surface, and make it more gentle and skin-friendly; TRIS is also commonly used as a neutralizer thickener to reduce the viscosity of cosmetics and avoid pore clogging; It can also avoid precipitation with salicylic acid, thus ensuring the stability of the product.

3. Heparin sodium

As an anticoagulant, heparin sodium is usually used in vacuum blood collection. As a cosmetic raw material, it is usually added to eye cream, which has the function of removing dark circles, removing bags under the eyes, improving dullness and promoting absorption; In addition, heparin sodium is also added to face cream and essence, which can increase the permeability of skin blood vessels, improve local blood circulation, reduce skin sensitivity, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic, and can maintain skin well.

4. Carbomer

Carbomer is also a common cosmetic additive. The addition of carbomer can improve the skin feeling on the face of cosmetics without irritating people's skin and eyes. It can make the fragrance of cosmetics more lasting, improve the stability of foam in the low foam system, and has good anti-corrosion performance, which is not easy to be decomposed by microorganisms.

The above cosmetics additives are produced and sold by Desheng Company. It should be noted that when you buy, you must tell the relevant staff that what you need is cosmetics grade products to prevent wrong delivery. If you are interested, please contact me immediately!