Desheng Talks - How should raw material manufacturers go in the future?

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Some time ago, many famous raw material manufacturers, when carrying out publicity, would specially emphasize that they have a complete assembly line as the focus, which is understandable, but not omnipotent. Especially for some small scale manufacturers or those without assembly lines, they are in an awkward situation at this time. How they should stand out in the fierce competition has become a problem. Desheng has explored this issue, and will give you a detailed analysis below.

In reality, there are three situations for many raw material manufacturers: there are biochemical reagent products without luminous reagent, there are luminous reagent products without biochemical reagent, and there are both luminous reagent products and biochemical reagent products. In view of these three situations, each manufacturer is in a different situation. Among them, manufacturers that have both luminous reagents and biochemical reagents have great advantages, because they can realize benefits through product derivation or combination.

In addition to the lack of raw materials and products mentioned above, many large enterprises will also experience similar situations. Whether they start with biochemical reagents or immunodiagnostic reagents, they will also make up for their lack of product lines in the process of gradual development and come up with a complete product portfolio when selling.

If the product types are not complete, only one can be selected, which is unfavorable for manufacturers. For example, manufacturers with only luminous reagents have high prices for a single product, although they can provide large-scale goods for downstream reagent manufacturers to drive sales. However, if there is a problem that cannot be solved in a short time, a single product is put on hold, and there is no other product to assist in the supply, it will cause huge losses.

Therefore, for the raw material manufacturers of single luminous reagent or single biochemical reagent, if they want to keep going in the future, they must supplement and improve their products, otherwise they will be difficult to survive in the complete product chain competition of other large enterprises.
In addition, on the basis of improving product categories, we can develop some special products without worrying about product homogeneity or being hit by other competitors in a short time. At the same time, we can drive some sales and provide some economic security for the company.

In the era of fierce competition for all kinds of products, raw material manufacturers need to keep pace with the market, make timely responses, improve product categories, and constantly push through the old to bring forth new products. Only in this way can they go further and further.

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