You must know these characteristics of acridine ester

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Nowadays, with the widespread application of chemiluminescence analysis in in vitro diagnosis technology, domestic chemiluminescence reagents have gradually replaced imported reagents.

Acridine ester is widely used, with high sensitivity in the field of chemiluminescence analysis, and the required instruments and equipment are easy to operate. Acridine ester can avoid astigmatism and has high reproducibility in the detection process. It has been paid more and more attention in the fields of environmental monitoring, clinical analysis and biochemistry.

Next, I will specifically introduce the characteristics of acridine ester.

The characteristics of acridine ester:

1. Acridine ester has simple luminescence and does not need additional additives.

If H2O2 interferes with acridine ester molecules in the alkaline range, monocyclic heterocyclic organic compounds will be produced. Monocyclic heterocyclic organic compounds will decompose into CO2 and excited n-methylacridone and release photons.

The light with wavelength 430nm will be emitted when returning to the original ground state. Acridine ester can emit light simply without any other additional catalyst, which can reduce background luminescence, reduce interference and improve sensitivity.

2. Acridine ester has high luminous efficiency and high intensity.

The chemiluminescence of acridine ester is rapid luminescence and usually plays a very important role in the field of chemiluminescence analysis.

Once the initiator is added for 0.4 s, the chemiluminescence intensity of acridine ester is very high, with a half-life of 0.9 s, which is usually 5 times or even more than that of luminol.

3. the interference factors of acridine ester luminescence are small.

According to the luminescence principle, the non-luminescent substituent connected with the acridine ring is separated from the acridine ring when the electron excitation intermediate is formed at the initial stage of the photoluminescence reaction of acridine ester, so it is almost not disturbed by the substituent structure in the luminescence efficiency.

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