What role do TRIS and HEPES buffers play in skin care products?

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When it comes to skin care products, beauty-loving female friends can talk a lot, whether from whitening to freckle, or anti-aging wrinkle, they can always be full of countless enthusiasm.

However, if they want to ask about the ingredients in skin care products, they will know nothing.

So here we focus on the role of TRIS and HEPES buffers in skin care products. You can take a closer look at the ingredients of skin care products at home. In fact, they all contain these two ingredients.

TRIS- regulates acid-base.

Under normal circumstances, human skin and hair are weakly acidic, with a pH range of about 4.5 to 6.5.

In order to maintain the pH of the skin and hair normally, skin care products should also maintain a certain pH, not too acidic or too alkaline, but this does not mean that skin care products must be within the suitable pH range of the skin.

In fact, sometimes some alkaline skin care products can also help better remove impurities, some acidic skin can help skin self-renewal and regeneration, the main principle is that skin care products can not excessively destroy the skin's own acid-base balance.

And TRIS it can play a role in the adjustment between pH, so that more products are suitable for human skin.

HEPES- skin care product penetration enhancer.

The role of HEPES in skin care products is to safely and efficiently, gently and quickly promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin, with high penetration efficiency.

So there are many whitening and anti-aging Volkswagen brands on the market that will add this ingredient.

HEPES has weak acidity, can gently destroy cutin, promote stratum corneum exfoliation, can play a role in making skin smooth and transparent.

And the pKa of HEPES is 7.48 at 25 ℃, which is very suitable for microbial fermentation and helps to stabilize the activity of peptides and nucleic acids.

Through the above introduction, I believe that we can not only talk about the efficacy of skin care products, but also talk about the ingredients of skin care products.

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