Six kinds of acridine esters you must know FAQ

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Acridine ester is a kind of immunoassay marker used to label antibodies and antigens and to develop chemiluminescence immunoassay system. Recently, many customers have consulted acridine ester products, and questions have emerged one after another. Here are 6 common questions listed to answer.

1. What is the packaging of acridine ester?

Answer: Desheng conventional packaging is 5mg/ bottles, 10mg/ bottles, large packaging is 1g/ bottles, are used opaque plastic bottles, if you have special requirements, you can also communicate with us to customize packaging specifications.

2.Which acridine ester is better?

Answer: Desheng routinely produces six kinds of acridine esters with different groups. It is recommended to choose acridine esters with NHS active esters. Because this is a good labeling, other acridine esters without active esters need condensation agents and can not be used in alkaline environment, so it is more convenient to choose acridine esters with NHS active esters.

3. What is the appearance and preservation of acridine ester?

The six acridine esters produced by Desheng are all yellow powder and need to be cryopreserved. It should be noted that the acridine ester labeled protein can be stored away from light at 4 ℃ in acid buffer (pay attention to adding preservatives such as sodium azide). If the storage effect is not good, please keep away from light at-20 ℃ or-80 ℃.

4. What are the advantages of Desheng acridine ester?

The acridine ester labeling of Desheng has the advantages of simple operation, good repeatability, no effect on protein activity, no decrease in photon yield, good hydrolytic stability and thermal stability, low background luminescence, less interference and high signal-to-noise ratio.

5. What are the main applications of acridine ester?

This product is mainly used in chemiluminescence and immunoassay, receptor analysis, nucleic acid and polypeptide detection and so on.

6. What is the price of acridine ester?

Answer: the price of acridine ester mainly depends on the demand of customers, and Desheng has six kinds of acridine ester products, in addition to determining the dosage, it is also necessary to determine the specific product model required, because the price of different groups will be different, the price of 1g is about 5.8g-65000.

After reading the above six acridine ester common questions and answers, I believe you have a deeper understanding of acridine ester, but also laid the foundation for further communication and cooperation in the future. If you have any other questions to consult, please call Desheng. We will be considerate to serve you.