Tris acetate TRIS acetate

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The organic salt formed by tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane and acetic acid is TRIS acetate, referred to as TAE, CAS is 6850-28-8. It is a derivative of TRIS and is commonly used in biochemistry, in vitro diagnostics, and novel materials. The buffer composed of TRIS acetate and EDTA is a commonly used buffer in DNA separation electrophoresis.

Tris acetate TRIS acetate

TRIS acetate is to dissolve a certain amount of TRIS in EDTA solution and add a certain amount of deionized water to dilute to the required concentration. The concentration of TRIS acetate needs to be determined according to the environment required by the experiment. Low concentration of TRIS acetate is suitable for sterile environment, while high concentration of TRIS acetate has no requirement for sterile environment and is more stable. However, when storing TRIS acetate powder, the temperature and humidity of the environment will affect the quality of the product, resulting in errors in the analysis results during use. Desheng recommends storing at room temperature away from light and dry.

TRIS acetate has a wide range of applications and can be configured as a buffer to adjust the pH of the biochemical reaction system. The sensitivity of APT can be determined by combining TRIS acetate buffer with glutamate. TRIS acetate can be used to prepare electrolyte for lithium batteries, which can inhibit the capacity decay of batteries at low temperatures, prevent battery swelling, and improve the high temperature performance of batteries. The mercaptoethanol standard working solution prepared by TRIS acetate buffer can be used to detect the content of thiol in beer samples. It has high sensitivity, good selectivity, simple and convenient operation, low detection cost and low laboratory requirements.

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